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Abrams, Gayle. "Holy Moses! Here Comes the Jewish Hero Corps! (Temple Educator's Message)" June/July 2003.

Abuli, E. Sanchez & Jordi Bernet ; translated by Elizabeth Bell. "100% Pure Pork "Torpedo 1936 vol. 5 (New York, NY : Catalan Communications, c1988.)
A gangster's butler impersonates his boss (Torpedo) while he is out of town. A Jewish shopkeeper named Jacob hires him to rough up Isaac, a rival shopkeeper. Isaac and Jacob have a bidding war for the "mobster" until he gets fed up and brings the 2 of them together. After a Yiddish conversation, they agree to throw the mobster out the door. The Yiddish is poorly transferred (many upside down captions) and I am told that the sentences are Yiddish insults --- and not even typical Yiddish insults.

Al-Dhakiri, Muhammad Numan, et al. Jamal Abd Al Nasir (Paris : Manshurat al-Sihafa al-Ifriqiyya al-Mushtaraka, 1973).
Biography of Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser. Contains pages described as "The Loss of East Jerusalem", "Defeat in the Sinai" and "Israeli Invasion of 1956".

Allikas, David. "The Voice of the Enemy" G.I. Combat #234 (6th story) Oct. 1981 (NY : DC ).
A rabbi who has been promoting Jewish resistance in his synagogue sermons is confronted by 2 Nazis, one of whom inexplicably speaks fluent Hebrew. When ordered to kill the rabbi, Joerg instead kills the other Nazi and intends to kill himself as well. The rabbi urges his former student (aka Saul) not to do so and to instead join the resistance.

Angell, Jamie. "The Rise and Fall of Krustyland Part Three" Krusty Comics #3 (Los Angeles, CA : Bongo, 1995), reprinted in Simpsons Comics Royale
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Chaos ensues (on a Saturday) at the Krustyland theme park, where the attractions prove to be unsafe and where Krusty the Clown's life is threatened by angry mobsters. After sundown, Krusty's father (Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky) turns on his television set, only then realizing his son's dillemma. He goes to Krustyland to help Krusty out, knocking out the mobsters by throwing his furry hat at the mobsters a la Oddjob (from the James Bond stories).

Anthony, William. Bible Stories (Highlands, NC : Jargon Society, 1978).
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Satiric, condensed version of the Bible, written in modern prose with a mixture of modern and ancient images. For example, pg. 30 has the caption "About the only thing Moses couldn't do was to keep the people from worshipping the golden calf!", illustrated by a calf costume worn by a 2-man team cheered on at a pep rally, complete with a band and high school banners.

Appel, John J. "Abie the Agent, Gimpl the Matchmaker, Berl Schliemazel, et al." Nemo #28 Jan., 1988: 12-14.

[Aragones, Sergio]. Fanny Hillman : Memoirs of a Jewish Madam (NY : Kanrom, 1965).

Aronofsky, Darren. The Book of Ants (Milwaukie, OR : Dark Horse, 1998).
Mathematical genius Maximillian Cohen tries to use his skills to find a formula that will enable him to understand the chaos of the stock market. His work attracts the attention of a Hasidic Jew and of a predatory trading firm. Based on the film Pi, but different in several ways.

There are 2 excellent reviews of the graphic novel at http://www.comics2film.com/pirev.shtml.

Ashley, Carole (ed.). "The 23" _Lusitania Press_ #10 (NY : Lusitania, 2001).
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Atkinson, Kevin and Chris Reilly. "Eaters Invade El Vira" Rogue Sattelite Comics #1 Aug. 1996 (San Jose, CA : Slave Labor).

Augustyn, Brian. "Politics in the Blood" Crimson #4 Aug. 1998 (Fullerton, CA : Image).

Aushenker, Michael. "Spider-Mensch" The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles Apr. 26, 2002.

Azzarello, Brian. "Highwater Conclusion". Hellblazer #167 Dec. 2001 (NY : DC).
The formerly dead gundealer known as "the Wolfman" metes out revenge on the neo-nazis that killed him (having been resurrected as a golem by John Constantine).

--------. "Highwater Part Three of Four" Hellblazer #166 Nov. 2001 (NY : DC).

--------. "Highwater Part Two of Four" Hellblazer #165 Oct. 2001 (NY : DC).
A Jewish gundealer called "the Wolfman" meets a group of neo-nazis to sell them galils. The neo-nazis are already angry with him, as earlier they had been told that he also sells guns to blacks and that he doesn't care what happens after the sale as long as he gets his money. After he taunts them, (by telling them that "the best fuckin' arms on the planet are made by kikes"), they beat him to death.

Baker, Kyle. King David (NY : DC, 2002).

Barela, Tim. Gay Comix Special #1 Spring 1992. (San Francisco: Bob Ross)
Collection of "Leonard and Larry" strips about a gay couple. Leonard Goldman is Jewish and among the contents are a Bar Mitzvah (pg. 16) and a visit from Leonard's mother (pg. 31).

Baron, Mike. "The Brattle Gun" The Punisher #47 Apr. 1991 (NY : Marvel).

--------. "The Brittle Sun". The Punisher #48 May 1991. (NY: Marvel).
The crimefighter called Punisher travels to the fictional Arab country Trafia to stop that country from using "the world's biggest gun" and runs into Israeli Mossad agent Rose Kugel again. Although they have different objectives, Punisher and Rose work together to save the Zukis from Trafia's weapon. "Trafia" may be a derivative of "traif" the Yiddish word for unkosher.

--------. The Punisher : Empty Quarter. Nov. 1994 (NY : Marvel).
A Mossad agent, who was on his way to a terrorist convention disguised as a Serbian nationalist, dies in the desert. The killing is made to look as if he was thrown from his camel. Fortunately, Mossad agent Rose Kugel has already arrived at the camp (undercover), where she gets an assist from the crimefighter called Punisher. In this tale, it is revealed that Rose is a Palestinian who was born in a refugee camp and who is also an Israeli citizen. One of the terrorists is a "Ms. Goldwomyn" who wears a necklace with a Star of David on it.

--------. "Philanthropy" Punisher Annual #3 (3rd story) (NY : Marvel, 1990)
Microchip (the Punisher's aide) goes against an organization that is posing as a charity to defraud retirees after he learns about the scheme from one of the victims (his neighbor, Mrs. Rosen).

--------. "Red Carnation" Hammer of God (miniseries) #1 Feb. 1990 (Chicago : First Publishing).

--------. "Smilax" Hammer of God (miniseries) #3 Apr. 1990 (Chicago : First Publishing).

Barr, Donna. "Headaches" Desert Peach (1997) #30 (WA? : A Fine Line).
Based on actual activities of the Rommel family, who did what they could behind the Nazi regime’s back to spirit threatened individuals out of the country. Pfirsich just takes it a little further than he should.

--------. "Miki" Desert Peach (1997) #26 (WA? : A Fine Line).
Hauptmann Kjars Winzig's unit is recruited to help round up escaped death camp victims. When the unit stumbles upon a group of Jewish esacpees, they let the Jews escape and try to desert.Winzig and Schmidt are captured by American soldiers.

Barr, Mike W. "Hell on Earth!" Brave and the Bold #200 (2nd story) July 1983 (NY : DC).

--------. "Sympathy for the Führer!" Adventures of the Outsiders #35 July 1986 (NY : DC).
On page 17, the Hitler clone is watching movies about the concentration camps to re-educate him about his identity and the role expected of him. He looks disappointed as he realizes what the Nazis had done to the Jews. A young, innocent-looking Jewish servant sparks something in the Hitler clone and we are shown the servants screams and the bang of a gun that the clone had picked up. On the last page, the reader sees that the clone had committed suicide.

--------. " 'Tarry Till I Come Again' " Secret Origins #10 (2nd series) Jan. 1987 (1st story) (NY : DC).
This story is one possible origin of the mysterious hero known as The Phantom Stranger. In this story, which takes place in the time of Jesus, the Stranger is a Jew whose wife and child were killed by Romans who were trying to kill the child who it was said would be the Messiah. When he learns that Jesus has been captured by Roman soldiers, he bribes a guard to let him beat Jesus. The strangers' immortality is a punishment and a means to repent for his great sin. There is a similarity between this story and the story of the "Wandering Jew".

Barrero, Manuel. "De viñetas y tribunales. Anexo 3: El caso Hitler SS" Tebeosfera Jan. 31, 2004.
This seems to be a legal decision regarding the controversial Hitler=SS, used in an annex of some bigger cyber-document.

Bass, Josh. "The Ninjews", c2002.

Bates, Cary and Elliot S! Maggin. " 'Where on Earth Am I?' " Justice League of America #123 Oct. 1975 (NY : DC).

--------. " 'Avenging Ghosts of the Justice Society!' " Justice League of America #124 Nov. 1975 (NY : DC).

Bechdel, Alison. "The Ex Factor" Dykes to Watch Out for #257 (c1997), reprinted in Hot, Throbbing Dykes to Watch Out for (NY : Firebrand, 1997), p. 80-81.
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--------. "Handling It" Dykes to Watch Out for #275 (c1997), reprinted in Split-Level Dykes to Watch Out for.
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Becher, Mordechai. Chopped Liver, online at http://www.ohr.org.il/yhiy.php/explore_judaism/humour/chopped_liver/.

Benkemoun, Lise. "Les Juifs dans les <<comic books>>" L'arche #484 May 1998, reprinted (in Polish) in Midrasz May 2001 as "Postaci ¿ydowskie w komiksach".

Bennett, Carol and Julie Hollings. "Daddy Dear" Outrageous Tales from the Old Testament (13th story) (London : Knockabout, 1987).

Bergson, Steven M. "Warten auf ,,SuperJew" " Allegemeine Jüdische Wochenzeitung Aug. 7, 1998. You can view the article in English by clicking here.

Bieri, Sean. The Book of Judith (Hamtramck, MI : Sean Bieri, 2002).

Bilal, Enki. The Hunting Party (NY : Catalan Communications, 1990).
One of the reminiscing guests is a Communist Jew who talks of life before and after the Holocaust.
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--------. The Ranks of the Black Order. {translation of Phalanges de l'ordre noir} (New York : Catalan Communications, 1989) {also titled The Black Order Brigade].
Retired fredom fighters / terrorists try to settle old grudges in a series of present-day attacks. Amon one of the members of the Black Order (Katz) is an member of the Israeli secret service. When the group needs to leave town, later in the story, it is Katz who gets them passage on an Egyptian cargo ship. He cautions his comrades not to mention that he is Jewish, a Zionist and a spy.
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"B'nai B'rith Asks Comic Strip Writer to Correct Hanukkah Error" (press release, Jan. 13, 1997), reprinted at http://web.archive.org/web/20011228012100/http://bnaibrith.org/pr/buckles.html

Bogdanove, Jon & Louise Simonson. [Untitled]. Superman : The Man of Steel #80 May 1998 (NY : DC)

--------. [Untitled]. Superman : The Man of Steel #81 June 1998 (NY : DC)

--------. [Untitled]. Superman : The Man of Steel #82 Jul. 1998 (NY : DC)

Bohl, Al. Elijah. (Urichsville, Ohio: Barbour Christian Comics, 1994).
Although a Christian work, this comic is essentially the same Torah story that appeared in the Mulford book cited below.

Bolland, Brian. "Elisha's Miracle" Outrageous Tales from the Old Testament (14th story) (London : Knockabout, 1987).

Bolle, Frank. "The Case of Mendel Beilis" World Over.
Account of the trial of the Russian Jew, who was falsely accused of murdering a Christian child as part of a mystical religious rite and using his blood to bake Passover matzos. A prose account may be found at http://www.shemayisrael.co.il/orgs/baiskaila/html/mendel_beilis.html.

Boni, John. "Citizen Gaines" National Lampoon #19 (Oct. 1971).

Boothby, Ian. "Bart Simpson's Bible Stories" Simpsons Comics #62 (1st story) (LA : Bongo, c2001).

Bordell, Chuck. [untitled] War Babies #1 Summer 1997 (Missoula, MT : High Anxiety).

Botkin, Daniel. "The Messianic Menace" Rev. Twistruth and His Disciples.

Boudjellal, Farid. Juif-Arabe (Toulon : Soleil, 1990).
Collection of French strips starring a Jew & an Arab who look, if not stereotypical, then "typical". On pages 8-9, the characters are fistfighting in the names of well-known Israeli-Arab confrontations (Yom Kippur War, Sabra, Chatila, Gaza). They then notice the Jew's daughter and the Arab's son walking by & talking amicably. They follow, worried about their relationship and come to the conclusion that they are just working on schoolwork together -- until they see them kiss and then the Jew & Arab cry in each others' arms.

Brabner, Joyce. "Under the Peace Arch" 9-11 : Emergency Relief, 54th story p. 167-171 (Gainesville, FL : Alternative, 2002).
Joyce talks to an Israeli teen named Dana Eloya. Dana tells Joyce how a friend of hers was attacked by three religious men when she was wearing a peace shirt. However, she then credits the extremists for being the ones who gather pieces of blown-up bodies for proper religious burial, something she & Joyce never would want to see themselves.
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Brammer, Doug. "Gotterdammerung" Hall of Heroes Presents Power of the Golem #3 (1997?)

Brandstein, Matt. "Blackout" Mendy and the Golem (2nd series) #2 Mar. 2003 (Brooklyn : Golem Factory).

--------. "Creation" Mendy and the Golem (2nd series) #3 June 2003 (Brooklyn : Golem Factory).

--------. "The Key" Mendy and the Golem (2nd series) #1 Jan. 2003 (Brooklyn : Golem Factory).

--------. "The Meltdown" Mendy and the Golem (2nd series) #4 Jan. 2004 (Brooklyn : Golem Factory).

Bresman, Jonathan. "What If Superman Were Raised by Jewish parents?" MAD Magazine #325 Feb. 1994, reprinted in MAD About Superheroes (NY : MAD Books, 2001).
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Bridwell, E. Nelson. "Puppets of the Overlord" Super Friends #25 Oct. 1979 (NY : DC).

--------. "The Seraph's Day of Atonemennt" Super Friends #38 Nov. 1980 (NY : DC).
When Israeli superhero Seraph uses his super-strength excessively to seek retribution against a group of criminals, G-d punishes him by temporarily taking away his supwer-powers. Only after praying for forgiveness, during the Yom Kippur service, does he get his powers back.

--------. "The Warning of the Wondertwins" Super Friends #7 Oct. 1977 (NY : DC)

--------."The Wizard Who Wouldn't Stay Dead!" DC Comics Presents #46 June 1982 (NY : DC).

Brindisi, Richard. Der Vandale #1 (NY : Innervision, 2000?).
Masked hero Der Vandale frees a trainful of Jews from deportation to a death camp and helps them escape. The reader is shown how Nazi party member Wolfgang Von Holten (Der Vandale's secret identity) was disgusted after he saw a Jew gunned down in a Berlin street by Nazis.

Brod, Harry. "Did You Know Superman is Jewish?" Tattoo Jew http://web.archive.org/web/20010411074229/http://www.tattoojew.com/supermensch.html

Broen, Terry. Ancient Heroes Featuring Carman and the Old Testament (s.l. : Youth Life Creations, 19??)

The Brothers Grinn. "St. Nicholas's Chanukah Hoopla!", 2001.

Brower, James K. "The Hebrew Origins of Superman" Biblical Archaeology Review May/June 1979, p. 23-26.

sequiBuhle. Paul. "Comics Grow Up (Again)". New York Press (2003) Volume 16, Issue 48.
Reviews of Johnny Jihad, The Metamorphosis and Portraits of Israelis & Palestinians (for My Parents).

--------. "Of Mice and Menschen" Tikkun Mar.-Apr. 1992 : 9-16.
Review of Maus (books 1 & 2) and The New American Splendor Anthology, with an overview of Jewish comics creators such as Harvey Kurtzman and Sharon Rudahl.

Burke, David G. and Lydia Lebrón-Rivera. "Transferring Biblical Narrative to Graphic Novel" Society of Biblical Literature, April 7, 2004.

Burstein, Chaya. The Kids' Cartoon Bible (Philadelphia : Jewish Publication Society).

Byrne, John. "Death Watch" Wonder Woman (2nd series) #125 Sep. 1997 (NY : DC).

Calanitte. "Lost in Siberia" [comic strip] Hammodia Magazine.

Campiti, David & Karen May. "Siege part Two" Beauty and the Beast #5 Sep. 1993 (Wheeling, WV : Innovation).

[Canadian Jewish Congress]. Jewish War Heroes #1-3 (1944?)
Biographical sketches of Jews who served during WWII. Reprints available from CJC Archives Montreal for a minimal photocopying+shipping fee.

--------. Some Never Die : The Story of Sgt. Samuel Moses Hurwitz Jewish War Heroes #4? (1944?)

Carpenter, Brent Dorian. "Critical Mass" U. N. Force #5 (Plymouth, MI : Gauntlet, 1993?)

--------. "New World Order" U. N. Foorce #1 (Plymouth, MI : Gauntlet, 1993)

Cavalieri, Joey. "Hell on Earth". Justice League of America #226 May 1984. (NY: DC).
In Fez (Morocco), undercover Israeli Secret Service agents attempt to stop Lord Arsenic's plans for world conquest, but are themselves killed by his power.

Charkah, Shai. Parshat Bab'a (Tel Aviv : Modan, 2000).

Chaves, Marta and Jose Antonio Serrano. "Palestina de Joe Sacco" Guia del Comic May 2002.
Discussion of Joe Sacco's Palestine, with links to page scans (13 in English, 3 in Spanish ; the Castillian link doesn't work properly at present).

Chaykin, Howard V. Blackhawk : Book One : Blood & Iron (NY : DC, 1987).

--------. "State of the Union". American Flagg! #7 Apr. 1984 (Evanston, IL : First).

--------. "Time2" American Flagg! Special #1 Nov. 1986 (Chicago : First).

--------. [Untitled]. Power & Glory Holiday Special #1 Dec. 1994 (Calabasas, CA : Malibu).

-------- and John Francis Moore. Batman / Houdini : The Devil's Workshop (NY: DC).

Chichester, P. G. An American Tail : Feivel Goes West (NY : Marvel, 1991).
Comics adaptation of the film about the move of the Mousekewitz family and their fellow mice to Green River - a town where, supposedly, cats and mice live together in peace. However, Cat R. Waul and his gang plan to make mouseburgers out of them all. The only Jewish aspect of the story is the use of Jewish names (e.g. Feivel and Mousekewitz) and the cat-mouse allegory for Gentile-Jewish relations. For better use of the Jews-as-mice, Gentiles-as-cats metaphor, see art spiegelman's Maus.

Chick, Jack T. The Big Deal [tract] (Chino, CA : Chick Publications, 2001).

--------. Birds and the Bees [tract] (Chino, CA : Chick Publications, 2004).

--------. Burn Baby Burn [tract] (Chino, CA : Chick Publications, 1991).

--------. Cats [tract] (Chino, CA : Chick Publications, 1990).

--------. Caught! (Chino, CA : Chick, 2002).
Tells the story of David and Bathsheba. It is similar to the Chick tract The Royal Affair, but is missing Fluffy the Sheep.

--------. "Chaos" The Crusaders vol. 5 (Chino, CA : Chick Publications, 1976).

--------. Creator or Liar? [tract] (Chino, CA : Chick Publications, 1976).

--------. Doom Town : The Story of Sodom [tract] (Chino, CA: Chick Publications, 1999).

--------. The Dreamer [tract] (Chino, CA : Chick Publications, 1991).

--------. Earthman [tract] (Chino, CA : Chick Publications, 1990).

--------. Fire Starter (Chino, CA : Chick Publications, 1986).

--------. The First Jaws (Chino, CA : Chick Publications, 1985).

--------. "Four Horsemen" The Crusaders vol. 16 (Chino, CA : Chick Publications, 1985).

--------. Framed [tract] (Chino, CA : Chick Publications, 2001).

--------. The Gay Blade (Chino, CA : Chick Publications, 1984).

--------. Going to the Dogs (Chino, CA : Chick Publications, 1992).

--------. Holocaust [tract] c1984. (Chino, CA: Chick Publications)
Anti-Catholic hate literature in the form of an evangelistic tract aimed at Jews.

--------. In the Beginning [tract] c2000 (Chino, CA: Chick Publications)

--------. It's Coming [tract] (Chino, CA: Chick Publications, 2000).

--------. It's the Law [tract] (Chino, CA: Chick Publications, 2001).

--------. Killer Storm [tract] (Chino, CA: Chick Publications, 1991).

--------. The Last Judge [tract] (Chino, CA : Chick, 2002).
Briefly tells the stories of Eli the high priest, Samuel the prophet, King Saul and King David.

--------. The Loser [tract] (Chino, CA: Chick Publications, 2002).

--------. Love the Jewish People [tract] c1992 (also published under the title Jeopardy and in Hebrew as Ohev et ha-`am ha-yehudi. (Chino, CA: Chick Publications)
Evangelistic tract intended to convince Jews that they are all destined for hell unless they accept Jesus as their saviour. Previously published as "Support Your Local Jew" and republished as "Love the Jewish People".

--------. Macho! [tract] (Chino,, CA: Chick Publications, 1982).

--------. Miss Universe [tract] (Chino, CA: Chick Publications, 1987).

--------. The Monster (Chino, CA : Chick, 2002).
Tells the story of how Nebuchadnezzar had his dreams interpreted by Daniel.

--------. The Nervous Witch (Chino, CA : Chick, 2002). Tells the story of how King Saul went to a witch to get her to let him speak to the spirit of Samuel the prophet.

--------. The Outcast [tract] (Chino, CA: Chick Publications, 2001).

--------. The Outsider [tract] (Chino, CA: Chick Publications, 1991).

--------. The Passover Plot? [tract] (Chino, CA: Chick Publications, 1972).

--------. Payback (Chino, CA : Chick, 2002).
Tells the story of how Jezebel convinced King Naboth to use deceit to seize the vineyard of Naboth.

--------. Plagues [tract] (Chino, CA: Chick Publications, 1991).

--------. The Promise [tract] (Ontario, CA : Chick Publications, c2001)

--------. Real Heat (Chino, CA : Chick, 2002).
Tells the story of how Nebuchadnezzar tried to burn alive 3 Israelites who had refused to vow down to a 100-foot idol he had built for the people to worship. After they miraculously survived the fire, Nebuchadnezzar panicked, repented and praied their G-d.

--------. The Royal Affair : The Story of David and Bathsheba [tract] (Chino, CA: Chick Publications, 1993).

--------. The Sacrifice [tract] (Chino, CA: Chick Publications, 1991).

--------. The Scam [tract] (Chino, CA: Chick Publications, 2002).

--------. The Scoundrel [tract] (Chino, CA: Chick Publications, 1991).

--------. Sin Busters [tract] (Chino, CA: Chick Publications, 1991).

--------. Sin City [tract] c2001. (Ontario, CA : Chick Publications)

--------. Superman? [tract] (Chino, CA: Chick Publications, 1990).

--------. Terminator? [tract] (Chino, CA: Chick Publications, 1988).

--------. "Where's Rabbi Waxman?" [tract] c1996 (published in Hebrew as Hekhan Ravi Vaksman?. (Chino, CA: Chick Publications)
Evangelistic tract intended to convince Jews that they are all destined for hell unless they accept Jesus as their saviour. Click on the picture to go to the gallery, which has a link to the complete Waxman tract.

Choe, David. "Yoffee Toffee" Rosetta : A Comics Anthology, 3rd story (Gainesville, FL : Alternative, 2002).
Buy the Book Today!/jewsincomics"> Buy the Book Today!

Chuliá, J.V. "Llamando a las puertas del cielo".
As a prelude to talking about a lecture that took place in October of 2002, the author of this article talks about a Jewsweek article about Jews & comics.

Ciancanelli, Steven. [untitled] Mitzvah 4 #1 (NY : Number Foundation, 2002).

Claremont, Chris. "Claiming the Crown" X-Men : True Friends #3 Nov. 1999 (NY : Marvel).
Ignoring Star Trek's "temporal prime directive", Shadowcat tries to get in touch with her Polish relatives to warn them about the death camps, but fails because she doesn't know enough about them. She explains to her friend Alasdhair the events of the Holocaust that are to come.

--------. "From the Ashes ..." Captain America (1st series) #237 Sep. 1979 (NY : Marvel)
Steve Rogers meets Anna Kapplebaum, a Holocaust survivor. Steve's face reminds her of superhero Captain America, who saved her and others from being massacred just prior to the liberation of Diebenwald. She recalls (in flashback) Kristallnacht, the rounding up of Jewish families, the cattle cars, how her parents were beaten to death and how the camp commandant unsuccessfully tried to kill the remaining survivors of the camp shortly before it was liberated.

--------. "Gold Rush!" The Uncanny X-Men #161 Sep. 1982 (NY : Marvel), reprinted in X-Men Classic #65 (NY : Marvel, November 1991), X-Men Archives #4 (NY : Marvel, Late January 1995) and The Essential X-Men #3 (NY : Marvel, July 1998).

--------. "Into the Abyss" New Mutants #27 May 1985 (NY : Marvel), reprinted in X-Men Archives #2 (NY : Marvel, January 1995) .

--------. "Night Screams" Uncanny X-Men #159 July 1982 (NY : Marvel).

--------. "The Price" Excalibur #11 Aug. 1989 (NY : Marvel).

--------. "The Spiral Path" Uncanny X-Men #199 Nov. 1985 (NY : Marvel)

--------. "The Two-edged Sword" Excalibur #9 June 1989 (NY : Marvel).

--------. "Widget" Excalibur #10 Jul. 1989 (NY : Marvel).

Clowes, Daniel. "The First Time" Eightball #14, 3rd story, Oct. 1994 (Seattle : Fantagraphics), reprinted in His Ghost World (Seattle : Fantagraphics, 1998).
Buy the Book Today!

--------. "Ghost World" Eightball #11, 5th story, June 1993 (Seattle : Fantagraphics), reprinted in His Ghost World (Seattle : Fantagraphics, 1998).
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--------. "Hubba hubba" Eightball #15, 2nd story, Apr. 1995 (Seattle : Fantagraphics), reprinted in His Ghost World (Seattle : Fantagraphics, 1998).
Buy the Book Today!

--------. "October" Eightball #18, 1st story, Mar. 1997 (Seattle : Fantagraphics), reprinted in His Ghost World (Seattle : Fantagraphics, 1998).
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Cobb, Ron. [untitled]. 196?.

Conway, Gerry. "And Death Be My Destiny". Wonder Woman (1st series) #234 Aug. 1977. (NY: DC).
In this second part, Nazi U-Boat Captain Wilhelm Strung tries to kill superheroine Wonder Woman and to destroy a British fleet, having blackmailed a superpowered Jew into doing his bidding by threatening the lives of his young children. In the end, after Wonder Woman saves the children, he sacrifices his own life in an attempt to save the fleet and wreak vengeance on his captors. Some disturbing quotes: "...you would be worth less alive than dead! As a corpse we could at least use your body for soap!" (pg. 3); "[I kill] because I am weak-- and will not see my children die." (pg. 9); "Before Hitler's new order, I was little more than my fat employer's slave! He gave me nothing...and while he gorged, I starved! The Nazi Party changed all that! Now my employer screams in a concentration camp and Wilhelm Strung has command of life--and death!" (pg. 9).

--------. "The Biology Bomb". Wonder Woman (1st series) #235 Sep. 1977 (NY: DC).
In this third part, Horst and Frieda, Jewish refugee orphans under the protection of superheroine Wonder Woman are taken by her to two orphanages. The introduction recaps that their father, "persecuted because he was a Jew", was killed before their eyes and their mother "died years before in a concentration camp". Mrs. Sandhurst refuses them admission to the Wilmont Orphanage because they don't speak English and "Wilmont is a Christian institution"; she reccommends a Jewish orphanage "where they will be happier among their own kind". There, Dr. Rabin tells her, "Freedom is a two-edged sword...the very laws which support our rights also support the rights of the prejudiced...for now America is still the world's hope for liberty."

--------. "Flesh and Blood" Web of Spider-Man #57 Mid-Nov. 1996 (NY : Marvel).

-------. "A God By Any Other Name" House of Secrets #150 Feb.-March 1978 (NY : DC).

--------. "The Miracle at 22,300 Miles!" Justice League of America #188 (2nd story) March 1981(NY: DC).
In this backup story, the superhero called the Atom (in his secret id as Ray Palmer) spends Hanukkah with friends. Later, after an energy-related miracle occurs on the JLA satelite, Atom draws a parallel between that miracle and the miracle that Hanukkah celebrates.

--------. "Opposing Forces" (2nd story) The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #8 (NY : Marvel, 1988).

--------. "Return to Sender" (1st story) The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #8 (NY : Marvel, 1988).

--------. "Seadeath" Wonder Woman (1st series) #233 July 1977 (NY : DC).
During World War II, U-boat commander Captain Strung seems to have gained control over powerful sea creatures, using them to attck the enemies of the Third Reich. After superheroine Wonder Woman is swallowed alive by one such creature, the reader is shown that the true master of the beast is a Jew named Friedrich. Friedrich is being blackmailed into obeying the Nazi to keep his children alive. When he says the Hebrew name for G-d, Strung throws him down and yells "Juden dog! ... Bad enough we are forced to breathe the same air as you do. I will not hear your blasphemy as well!" In the story, Friedrich says "yahweh", though most Jews would prefer to say "Hashem" (Jews are forbidden to say the name of G-d out loud, except in prayer).

Cooper, Chris. "'Liberty'" Star Trek : Starfleet Academy #2 Jan. 1997 (NY : Marvel).

-------- and John Dennis. "Night of the Comet" Queer Nation, chapter 1.

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Croci, Pascal. Auschwitz (NY : Harry N. Abrahams, 2003).
Originally published by EP Editions, Paris, 2002.
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Crumb, Robert. "When the Goddamn Jews Take Over America!" in His R. Crumb's America (Last Gasp, 1995).
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--------. "Double-edged Sword" Supergirl (2nd series) #23 (NY : DC, 1998).

--------. "Hiding Behind Mosques" The Incredible Hulk #387 Nov. 1991 (NY : Marvel).
Superheroes Hulk and Sabra continue their battle which takes them from the Israel Museum to the Western Wall to the golden dome. During the fight, Sabra compares herself to the Israeli state ("attack us and we endure ... and we give as good as we get"), which has the Hulk thinking "Terrific ... I'm fighting the Zionist Recruiting Board". After they call a truce, they try to stop Achilles from killing Max Meer. Achilles distracts them (by telling them about his family being killed during the Holocaust and how the Nazis failed to kill him in the gas chasmbers), while Max runs right into the mind-controlled mob he stirred up. Max becomes seriously hurt by them. The reader is shown that Max was just a medium being controlled and used by his friend Gretta.

--------. "Little Hitler". The Incredible Hulk #386 Oct. 1991. (NY: Marvel).
A clairvoyant named Delphi has a vision of mind-controlling dictator Max Meer and of prisoners in a concentration camp marching in a desert in front of armed soldiers. Hulk (a superhero) is sent to Jerusalem to kill young Max so that the future can be altered. However, he is delayed by Israeli superheroine Sabra, who is unaware of the vision.

--------. "Mending Fences" The Incredible Hulk #373 Sep. 1990 (NY : Marvel).

--------. "Revisionist History" Marvel Holiday Special Jan. 1993 (4th story) (NY : Marvel).
Leonard Samson (aka the superhero "Doc Samson") visits a Hebrew school to talk to the kids about Hanukkah. When they find the story too dull, he spices it up by inserting contemporary references and super-powered characters (e.g. Hulk, Wolverine, Elvis). Not unlike the Tick's version of the Hanukkah story.

--------. "Tribute the First" X-Factor Annual #5 (2nd story) (NY : Marvel, 1990).
Superheroine Marvel Girl questions her identity at the cemetery, while putting flowers on her tombstone. There, she meets Mrs. Scully, a Holocaust survivor, and listens to her life story. Marvel Girl learns that even "normal" people can go through traumatic life changes and need to deal with issues of identity.

--------. [untitled] _Blasters Special_ #1 (NY : DC).

Davis, Barry. "Think Young, Think Fink" Jerusalem Post Oct. 17, 2002.

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DeMatteis, J.M. "Bernie America, Sentinel of Liberty" Captain America #289 (2nd story) Jan. 1984 (NY : Marvel).
Captain America's Jewish girlfriend, Bernie Rosenthal fantasizes about what it woulkd be like to be a patriotic superheroine like her boyfriend Captain America.

--------. "Death Camp" Weird War Tales #72 (1st story) Feb. 1979 (NY : DC).

--------. "The Fuse" Iceman #1 Dec. 1984 (NY : Marvel).

--------. "Future Shock!" Captain America #287 (1st series) Nov. 1983 (NY : Marvel)
Bernie Rosenthal's parents complain to Bernie about her boyfriend Steve Rogers, who cancelled out on dinner at the last minute (especially since her mother cooked and cleaned all week for the occasion). Meanwhile, Rogers (as superhero ">Captain America) is fighting a villain called Deathlok.

--------. "Greenberg the Vampire" Marvel Graphic Novel #20 (NY : Marvel, 1986).
Oscar Greenberg, a Jewish vampire who is also a talented horror writer, is stalked by Lilith. Lilith wants him to use his talent to "seduce the millions" through his writing, drawing them to Lilith and her dark ways. Oscar's family, accompanied by Rabbi Zeydl ("wisest of the wise"), try to foil her plan and save Greenberg. In the end, it is Oscar's love for his mother that saves him and defeats Lilith.
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--------. "The Resurrection Stone" Avengers #209 July 1981 (NY : Marvel).
Following the trail of the resurrection stone through time, the Avengers superhero team arrive in Dachau during liberation. There, they find that Holocaust survivor Sol Rosenblatt using power of the half-stone to try to bring his murdered aughter and wife back to life. Paradoxically, he only raised the body "without its soul" and "revived the spirirt in a lifeless husk". The Beast convinces Sol to let their sould be free and to relinquish the stone.

--------. "Someone Who Cares" Captain America #270 June 1982 (NY : Marvel).
Arnie Roth seeks the help of superhero Captain America. In flashback, Arnie is shown protecting his best friend Steve Rogers (Captain America's alter ego) from bullies and Steve becomes close to the Roth family after his father dies. Meanwhile, Bernie Rosenthal comes to the defense of a bag lady who is being harassed by street youths. While walking her home, she feels paranoid, thinking "[paranoia] is probably a normal reaction when a nice, middle-class Jewish girl comes face to face with this kind of poverty."

--------. "Songs of Happy Chear" Moonshadow #1 (NY: DC, 1985), reprinted in DeMatteis, J.M. The Compleat Moonshadow (NY : DC, 1998).
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--------. "Sturm und Drang: The Life annd Times of the Red Skull" Captain America (1st series) #298 Oct. 1984 (NY : Marvel).

--------. "Turning Point" Captain America #276 (1st series) Dec. 1982 (NY : Marvel)
Sammy Bernstein tells superhero Captain America that he realizes that he wrongly let hate consume him during the anti-Nazi rally.

--------. [untitled] Bizarre Adventures #29 (2nd story) Dec. 1981 (NY : Marvel).

--------. "A Very Uncomfortable Thing" Moonshadow #2 (NY: DC, 1985), reprinted in DeMatteis, J.M. The Compleat Moonshadow (NY : DC, 1998).
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--------. "Yesterday's Shadows" Captain America #275 (1st series) Nov. 1982 (NY : Marvel)
In his civilian guise as Steve Rogers, superhero Captain America returns home from shopping with his Jewish girlfriend Bernie Rosenthal and his Jewish landlord Anna Kapplebaum. As they pass by Temple Beth-Or, they notice that it has been vandalized and that a Nazi swastika has been spray-painted on its doors. While cleaning up, Steve defends the rights of the neo-nazis : "A free society has to allow all ideas -- both noble and ignoble." Bernie invites Steve to a counter-rally to be held in a park where a Nazi rally will be taking place. Initially he declines, but changes his mind after an executive at a firm that hires him rudely dimisses Arthur Grossman (whom he calls "that old Jew"). The rally and counter-rally turn violent, with Captain America and riot police trying to calm the mob down. After Sammy Bernstein, leader of the Jewish Protection Agency (obviously meant to represent the Jewish Defense League) and the Nazi leader both fall off the stage trying to attack him, Captain America compares them to each other : "You two aren't interested in the truth ... you're [both] only interested in your own self-consuming hate."

De Bourbon, Vaucus. "Mind Over Matter : The Story of Sandy Koufax" Baseball Legends Comics #7 Sep. 1992.
This comic bio barely acknowledges that Koufax is Jewish. A panel on page 3 shows him "tangling with Brighton Beach's best at the Jewish community house". A caption in a panel on page 24 reads in part, "Immedaitaely after the [Sep. 17th] game, he heads back to L.A. to spend Yom Kippur, the Jewish "High Holy Day," at home. The panel doesn't depict Sandy in shul. Sandy's decision to observe Yom Kippur during the baseball season was not as significant as that of Hank Greenberg.

Dervish, Mahmut. "Dawn of the Dead" (3rd story) Incubus #1 (London : Plieades Cluster, 1999).
Starts off as a rant about bad horor flicks, specifically vampir movies. At the end, a crowd of vampires including the narrator (Hank Zimmerman) is shown, Hank turns into a bat and says "shalom" to the reader.

Di Tullio, Saverio. 1943 : The Road to Ortona (NY : Legas, 1998)

Dickens, Charles. "Oliver Twist" [adapted by Georgina Campbell] Classics Illustrated #23 (NY : Gilberton, 1946), reprinted 1997 by Acclaim (NY).
Comic book adaptation on Charles Dickens' classic story of an English orphan who is taken in by thieves. In the notes at the end, it is acknowledged that the Faigin character (who is sometimes drawn in this version with a long nose) was written as Jewish. It also notes that the text would refer to Faigin as "the Jew". The Acclaim reprint includes 10 pages of notes by Deborah Condon, including the esssay "Anti-Semitism in 19th Century England".
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--------. "Oliver Twist" [adapted by Naunerle Farr?] Pocket Classics #C58 (West Haven, CT : Academic, 1984), reprinted as Pendulum's Illustrated Stories Series IV #19.

Dixon, Chuck. "A Christmas Carol" DCU Holiday Bash II (7th story) (NY : DC, 1998).
This Sgt. Rock tale is a silent, moving interpretation of the classic (yet unfortunately cliched) Charles Dickens tale. In this version, the first visitation (the ghost of wars past) comes from a dead WWI soldier who shows Rock the carnage of the Great War. The Ghost of Wars Present is an emaciated Holocaust victim who reveals to Rock the piles of massacred innocents, the chimneys spewing human ash, the Nazi flag waving in the wind, bringing tears to Rock's eyes. Finally the Ghost of Wars Future (a Gulf War soldier) takes him past rows of headstones in a military cemetery to Sgt. Rock's own grave. Then he points to the proudly waving American flag - symbol of the freedom the U.S. has fought for over the decades. The sparing use of the 3 colors of the American flag in the visitation scenes is an effective touch.

--------. "The House of Peace" DCU Holiday Bash II (2nd story) (NY : DC, 1998).
At a Gotham synagogue, shortly before a Friday night during the festival of Hannukah, an armed thief startles the rabbi, causing him to drop a container of oil that was to be used for the ceremonial menorah lighting. After the thief has left with the donations box (said to contain enough gifts to "keep the temple open all year"), the rabbi laments that the lamp cannot be lit after sundown. Miraculously, Batman retrieves the box after defeating the crook and a child named Danny apparently finds oil and brings it back to the synagogue in time to be lit. While the mention of the sabbath beginning at sundown and the depiction of separate seating for men and women gave the story Jewish authenticity, the focus on fundraising prior to a Hannukah service on a Friday and the lighting of a real oil lamp seemed peculiar to me. Jews tend to not carry money to the synagogue on Friday night, as they are forbidden to carry money during the Sabbath (and thus, would not be allowed to carry money home). Synagogues tend to raise most of its money from individual and family memberships, as well as the sale of tickets for High Holy Day services (worldwide, synagogue attendance is highest during the High Holy Days). Most Jews today light candles to represent the traditional oil lamp and I've seen many households in Brooklyn put electric menorahs in their windows. Actual oil lamp lighting is rare today.

Doran, Colleen. [Death at a Concentration Camp]. Death Gallery (NY : DC, 1994), reprinted in Vertigo Visions : Artwork from the Cutting Edge of Comics (NY: Watson-Guptill, 2000).
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Dorkin, Evan. "The Soda Thief" Streetwise : Autobiographical Stories by Comic Book Professionals (Raleigh, NC : TwoMorrows, 2000).
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Drake, Arnold. "Gypsy Shade" House of Mystery #261 (3rd story) Oct. 1978 (NY: DC).
In this second story, Anna Klein, an alleged war criminal, is on trial and is found innocent. The ghost of one of her victims (or G-d, depending on how you interpret it) gets vengeance upon her. Reference is made to answering to "the highest of judges".

Drooker, Eric. "JewBlackJewBlackJewBlackJewBlackJewBlack!" originally published in an issue of World War 3 llustrated (?) ; republished in World War 3 Illustrated : Confrontational Comics, ed. by Scott Cunningham, Sabrina Jones, Peter Kuper and Seth Tobocman, p. 129.
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Duke, David. "How Odd of God to Choose the Rats" Crusader #28 (1977).
Hate comic that depicts Jews as rats, just as Art Spiegelman would later depict Jews as mice (with Nazis as the cats).

Edison, Mike. "Jewish Amphetamine Princess in 'High Profile' " Heeb : The New Jew Review #3 Spring 2003 (Brooklyn, NY : Heeb Magazine). br>

Edwing, Duck. "Duck Droppings : THe Bible" Mad Magazine #417 May 2002 (NY : EC).

Eichenbaum, Ken. Hoppel Poppel (s.l. : Litteratti Books, 2002).
Buy the Book Today!

Eiserike, Josh. Liberal Crap [comic strip] in The Diamondback Dec. 2001 [4 consecutive strips].
The first strip shows 2 Jewish guys cheking out a Jewish online dating service (& they used a real URL). After realizing that the service is not free, one of them makes the observation that "profiting off of Jews who can't get any" is "ingenious".
The second strip shows a student watching a video - highlights from "Portnoy's Complaint" - for his Jewish Lit class. Another student says "If that's Jewish Lit, I'd hate to see Jewish porn".
In the 3rd, Josh (the author perhaps?) is explaining to a Gentile friend about the fun Jewish holidays. She wonders why more people don't convert to Judaism. His answer : "snippety-snip".
Last is a supposed recollection of the author's trip to Israel which ends with a cab driver telling him "On kibbutz, what's mine is yours, what's yours is mine. I bang your wife, you bang my goat!!! Everyone shares!!!"

Eisner, Will. The Building. (Princeton: Kitchen Sink, c1987).
Basically, 4 stories of people and the building that affected their lives. The first story shows how guilt-ridden Monroe Mensch is unable to become the good samaritan that he wants to be and pay his debt to society. The second story involves married Goldie who meets the poet she loves, but could not marry, every week in front of the building.
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--------. "Collisions" in Eisner, Will. City People Notebook (NY : DC), 67-74.

--------. A Contract with G-d and Other Tenement Stories (Princeton: Kitchen Sink, c1995).
4 short stories dealing with life in a New York Jewish ghetto. The first story involves a religious immigrant who loses his faith after his adopted daughter dies in her youth. The final story looks at Jews escaping city life to enjoy a weekend in the Catskills.
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--------. The Dreamer (Princeton: Kitchen Sink, c1986).
Semi-autobiographical account of the comic book industry set during its golden age (the 1940's). Features characters based on Jewish comics legends (e.g. Jack King = Jack "The King" Kirby).
Annotations for this book are availble on the WWW.
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--------. Dropsie Avenue : The Neighborhood (Northampton, Mass. : Kitchen Sink, 1995).
Among the Jewish characters in this excellent graphic novel are : Izzy Cash, the ragman who becomes a successful landlord ; Abe Gold, the lawyer-turned-politician who marries Marie Leone (an Italian Catholic) ; Rosie (?) who befriends Ruby Brown (a local black girl) and who indirectly helps her unemployed father get a job at a local synagogue ; Mrs. Bernstein (Izzy's secratary), who keeps convincing him to be more charitable and progressive ; Yankel, a Hasidic boy who learns to respect G-d's laws ; and Yussel, who is beaten up by a gang of thugs.
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--------. Fagin the Jew : A Graphic Novel (Doubleday, 2003).
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--------. Invisible People. (Princeton: Kitchen Sink, 1992).
"Sanctum" (1st story), deals with Pincus Pleatnik - a man who works for a tailor named Al Schmotter: "Pincus was a hider! From childhood he sought a sanctum where he could be safe from the unpredictable danger of human contact. To him there was sanctuary in invisibility. Instinctively he understood that being unnoticed is a major skill in the art of urban survival." In "Mortal Combat" (3rd story), two Jewish librarians fall in love. Their happiness is short-lived due to the jealousy of the man's mother. I believe this is the only Jewish comic tale to date involving Jewish librarians (not that there's a lot of portrayal of Jewish librarians in other media either; only Roth comes to mind).
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--------. A Life Force. (Princeton: Kitchen Sink, c1988).
Depression-era tale of an out-of-work Jew who starts a successful business with an Italian immigrant friend (with a little help from the mob). There's a nice full-page explanation of the Jewish emigration to NY. Another page tells of when the Italians came over.
Buy the Book Today!

--------. Minor Miracles : Long Ago and Once upon a Time Back When Uncles Were Heroic, Cousins Were Clever, and Miracles Happened on Every Block (NY : DC, 2000).
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--------. An Opmakh Mit Got : A Graphisher Novelle.
A transliterated version of the Yiddish translation of the title story of A Contract with G-d.

--------. "Privacy" in His Will Eisner's New York : The Big City (NY : DC, 2000).
Irving Kvetch piles boxes up along a dividing wall, so that he can see and talk to his next door neighbor (who is listening to music and sunbathing nude).
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--------. To the Heart of the Storm (Princeton: Kitchen Sink, c1991).
If you buy only one comic book / graphic novel for your library, make it this one. The major messages of the book - the senselessness of violence and prejudice - are wonderfully delivered without being preachy. Even Jews are shown to be prejudiced against fellow Jews (in this case, German-Jewish immigrants). Other topics that are dealt with are poverty, assimilation and intermarriage.
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Ennis, Garth. "Unknown Soldier : Book One" Unknown Soldier #1 {3rd series} (NY : Vertigo, 1997), reprinted in Unknown Soldier (trade paperback)
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Epstein, Morris. Picture Parade of Jewish History (NY: Shengold, 1963).
Consists of 1-tone, single-page, 12-panel biographical sketches with accompanying text on facing pages. A number of time periods and types of people (soldiers, philanthropists, scholars) are represented, although the book consists mostly of American biographies and mostly of Jewish men (the exceptions are Rebecca Gratz, Emma Lazarus, Henrietta Szold and Hannah Senesh). One of the profiles is of Solomon Da Costa, responsible for the 200 volumes that compised the Jewish book collection of the British Museum. Recommended for children. Unfortunately, while adults can read more detailed texts about these individuals, full-length comic book biographies have yet to be written about these famous Jews.
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Eskin, Blake. "Cartoon Caper" The Forward Oct. 16, 1998, p. 2.

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--------. Grandma's Seder Plate is Missing (Mendy Comics, 1999).
Buy the Book Today!

--------. "Home on the S-s-st-range" The Adventures of Mendy and the Golem #9 (1st story) Mar. 1983 (NY : Mendy Enterprises).

--------. "I Spy a Crooked Spy" Mendy and the Golem #12 (1st story) Av / Elul 5743 Sept. 1983 (NY : Mendy Enterprises).

--------. "The Last Laugh's on You!" The Adventures of Mendy and the Golem #19 (1st story) Apr. 1985 (NY : Mendy Enterprises).

--------. Mendy {syndicated comic strip}.

--------. "Mendy & the Golem" Farbrengen Winter 2001.
This is another in the series of Mendy strips that has been syndicated in Jewish papers (such as the Canadian Jewish News) for some time now. This strip, however, is in color. It also shows Sholem the Golem who I haven't seen illustrated post-series. Sholem shrunk in size and changed color throughout the series. As currently drawn by Stan Goldberg (of Archie fame), Sholem is not much bigger than Mendy (whose head comes up to Sholem's waist), has a Caucasian skin tone and looks like a normal working man in suspenders.

--------. "Mendy & the Golem" Farbrengen Spring 2002.

--------. "Mendy Meets the Golem" Mendy and the Golem #1 (1st story) July 1981 (NY : Mendy Enterprises).

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--------. "A One-page Story" The Adventures of Mendy and the Golem #10 (4th story) May 1983 (NY : Mendy Enterprises).

--------. "Portrait of a Torah Scholar : Rabbi Yisroel Meir Ha-Kohain" Mendy and the Golem #12 (3rd story) Av / Elul 5743 Sept. 1983 (NY : Mendy Enterprises).

--------. "'Rabbi Akiva's Daughter' or 'Tsedokah in Hisss-story'" The Adventures of Mendy and the Golem #4 (2nd story) Mar. 1982 (NY : Mendy Enterprises).

--------. "School Daze" The Adventures of Mendy and the Golem #4 (1st story) Mar. 1982 (NY : Mendy Enterprises).

--------. "Sholem's Wheel of Fortune Takes a Turn for the Worse!" The Adventures of Mendy and the Golem #2 (1st story) Nov. 1981 (NY : Mendy Enterprises).

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--------."Torah Tales" The Adventures of Mendy and the Golem #9 (2nd story) Mar. 1983 (NY : Mendy Enterprises).

--------. "Torah Tales" The Adventures of Mendy and the Golem #10 (3rd story) May 1983 (NY : Mendy Enterprises).

--------. "Torah Tales" Mendy and the Golem #12 (2nd story) Av / Elul 5743 Sept. 1983 (NY : Mendy Enterprises).

--------. "Torah Tales" The Adventures of Mendy and the Golem #16 (1st story) Sept. 1984 (NY : Mendy Enterprises).

--------. "Torah Tales" The Adventures of Mendy and the Golem #19 (2nd story) Apr. 1985 (NY : Mendy Enterprises).

--------. "War and Peace" The Adventures of Mendy and the Golem #16 (1st story) Sept. 1984 (NY : Mendy Enterprises).

--------. "Write Makes Might" The Adventures of Mendy and the Golem #5 (1st story) May 1982 (NY : Mendy Enterprises).

--------. "Wrong Route to Your Roots" The Adventures of Mendy and the Golem #8 (1st story) Jan. 1983 (NY : Mendy Enterprises).

--------. "'You Get What You Give'" The Adventures of Mendy and the Golem #8 (3rd story) Jan. 1983 (NY : Mendy Enterprises).

--------. "'You Get What You Give' - Another Version" The Adventures of Mendy and the Golem #8 (4th story) Jan. 1983 (NY : Mendy Enterprises).

Evanier, Mark. "Stuntwork". Hollywood Superstars #1 Nov. 1990 (NY : Epic).

-------- and Dan Spiegle. "A Blackhawk Christmas Tale" (3rd story) Blackhawk #268 Mar. 1984 (NY : DC).

Fago, John Norwood. "Houdini" in Houdini / Walt Disney (West Haven : Pendulum, 1979).
Brief biographical sketch of the famous American-Jewish escape artist, written in a format "suitable for practically everyone regardless of age or reading prowess".
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Farr, Naunerle. "Albert Einstein" Marie Curie / Albert Einstein (West Haven, CT : Pendulum, 1979), p. 34-59.
Brief biographical sketch of the famous physicist, written in a format "suitable for practically everyone regardless of age or reading prowess".
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Fast, Howard My Glorious Brothers : The Story of the Maccabees, serialized in World Over : A Magazine for Jewish Boys and Girls Nov. 1949 - June 1950 (NY : Jewish Education Committee of New York).

Feiffer, Jules. "The Minsk Theory of Krypton" New York Times Magazine Dec. 29, 1996, p. 14-15, reprinted in Siegel, Marvin (ed.)The Last Word : The New York Times Book Of Obituaries And Farewells: A Celebration Of Unusual Lives (NY? : Quill, 1999).
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Fein, Lewis A. "Murder for Mature Readers: Palestine's Comic Book" Jewish World Review Aug. 20, 2002.

Feldstein, Al (?). "The Lonely One" Impact #4 (1st story) Sep.-Oct. 1955 (NY : EC) , reprinted July 1999 (West Plains, MO : Gemstone).
"Miller", an American military soldier, is discriminated against because of his background. Benson says to Miller "your kind bleeds yellow". Reference is made to Miller not being born in America, Miller not praying on Sunday and to Miller's kind "contaminating the world". When a frustrated Benson tries to prove that Miller is a coward, he ironically shows his men how brave Miller is.

--------. "Master Race" Impact #1 (5th story) Mar.-Apr. 1955, reprinted in Kurtzman, Harvey. From Aargh! to Zap! : Harvey Kurtzman's Visual History of the Comics (Toronto : Prentice Hall Press, 1991), pg. 34 and reprinted in Impact #1 Apr. 1999 (West Plains, MO : Gemstone).
In this short story, a Holocaust survivor confronts a Nazi who has come to America. Kriegstein shows the events leading up to the final solution through the eyes of the Nazi.
Buy From Aargh! ... Today!

Fern, Jim. "Harry Houdini" in Gahan Wilson (ed.) The Big Book of Weirdos, p. 104-107.
Buy the Book Today!

Fingerman, Bob. "Any Port in a Storm" White Like She #1 May 1994 (Milwaukie, Oregon : Dark Horse), reprinted in White Like She (trade paperback).
Buy the Book Today!

--------. [untitled] White Like She #3 (Fantagraphics, 1995).
"Louella" reveals to her father that Louella's body contains the brain of Luther Joyce - a black man he'd bought a soada for in 1964 at a civil rights march they had both attended. Later, a friend of Louella's tells her that some of the biggest anti-semites she'd ever met were Jewish. As an example, she says that if you ask the average Jew their opinion of Hasidim, they'll tell you that they're scum.

--------. "Diamond Dog" Scooby Doo #45 (1st story) Apr. 2001 (NY : DC).

Fink, Uri. The Fundametalists (I)" Fink! #1 July 2002 (1st story) (El Sobrante, CA : Hippy Comix).
When "the Christian" (unnamed) is made fun of by "the Muslim" and "the Jew" (also unnmaed) because he doesn't have a hat, he decides to make one that will be "the biggest at of them all". His hat makes him look like a Klansman.

--------. "The Fundametalists (II)" Fink! #1 July 2002 (4th story) (El Sobrante, CA : Hippy Comix).
The superhero group known as "The Fundamentalists" punish a kidnapped boy for what he does "while he's all alone in the dark" instead of savong him from his tormentor.

--------. "The Fundametalists (III)" Fink! #1 July 2002 (7th story) (El Sobrante, CA : Hippy Comix).
The Fundamentalists super-team divert a monster, causing it to kill the soldiers rather than defeating the creature. As they fly away, they tell that they are more concerned about the threat of gays in the military.

--------. "The Fundamentalists (IV)" Fink! #1 July 2002 (10th story) (El Sobrante, CA : Hippy Comix).

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In the style of art speigelman's maus, this story has Israeli soldiers (as anthropomorphic bulls) sucked through a time warp and treating a family in the Jewish ghetto as if they were Arab suspects.

--------. "The Insult that Made a Shahid out of Ahmed" Fink! #1 July 2002 (13th story) (El Sobrante, CA : Hippy Comix).

--------. "Lonesome Dove" Fink! #1 July 2002 (8th story) (El Sobrante, CA : Hippy Comix).
Autobiographical piece that gives the reader a sense of Fink's internal struggle.

--------. "The Perfect Present" Fink! #1 July 2002 (2nd story) (El Sobrante, CA : Hippy Comix).
Battya and Sharonica (Israeli versions of Betty and Veronica) disagree over what to get their boyfriend Arik (Archie). Battya takes earth from the grave of Rabbi Ben Meshuganna (which is located near a refugee camp, while Sharonica gets an enormous flag (so big she has to hang it on a mosque ; "all of Hebron will be able to see it!". Later, to cheer himself up, Arik goes to visit the grave of Baruch Goldstien, where his friends are waiting to throw him a surprise party. the Jughead-like character announces the news that regional war has broken out as a result of the hanging of an Israeli flag in a refugee camp.

--------. [Rabbi Ben Death vs. Hamas!] Fink! #1 July 2002 (9th story) (El Sobrante, CA : Hippy Comix).

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Gastrointenstinal goings-on depcitefd as a metaphorical clash of monsters.

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"The first-ever Israeli Super-hero Comic" - from the cover.

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The rabbi sends the superhero Ragman out to confront evildoers without fighting them. At the end, the reader learns that Ragman passed a test his father had not passed. Meanwhile, the golem comes to Gotham.

--------. "Bones of the Defenseless". Ragman (miniseries) #1 Oct. 1991 (NY: DC).
Rory Regan has recurring nightmares of carrying a body "through the bones of past lives" and a voice telling him to defend his neighborhood from the invisible enemy. In a clearer dream, he realizes that he's in the Warsaw Ghetto and encounters a creature with the word "EMET" written across his face. When Rory's helmet falls, he sees that the word "EMET" has been burned into his helmet and yells that it is not him, not his name ("emet" is Hebrew for "truth"). Before he leaves his father's grave, he follows the Jewish tradition of leaving a rock on the tombstone (though he claims in the 3rd issue not to know that he's Jewish). In an article at the back of the story, Kevin Dooley tells how Leo Keil had written that "Despite his non-Jewish name, Rory, seems, to me at least, to be the comics' first Jewish super-hero".

--------. "Feet of Clay" Ragman (miniseries) #5 Feb. 1992 (NY: DC).
The rabbi boasts to the Ragman's costume that Rory (the civilian identity of Ragman) is succeeding at taming it. Meanwhile, the golem realizes that he must kill Ragman to save his own "life".

--------. "A Folk Tale." Ragman (miniseries) #3 Dec. 1991 (NY: DC).
A rabbi explains the origin of the Ragman to Rory. He starts by briefly retelling the golem folktale. Then he explains how a real golem had been created using rags to be worn by a human agent, the last of whom had been Rory's father, whose true name was Jerzy Reganiewicz. Jerzy had tried to fight the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto: "it was like nothing I had ever seen...men, women and children fighting for their very lives!" However, fire was the Ragman's weakness. Defeated, he took flight to where he could better fight the menace: "It is a Ragman's duty to protect his people and to inspire hope...but there was no hope left in that place." In retaliation for the uprising, the Nazis blew up the synagogue: "Did they imagine they could kill G-d? He wasn't in the synagogue! He came with us on the trains! He was there in Treblinka! He was everywhere that we suffered!"

--------. "A Ragged Revenge" Ragman (miniseries) #2 Nov. 1991 (NY: DC).
The day after his night of vengeance, superhero Ragman looks at his costume and sees the word "emet" (Hebrew for truth) on it. Then, a rabbi appears telling Rory (Ragman's civilian guise) that he is to be the rabbi's apprentice.

--------. "Shreds" Ragman (miniseries) #6 Mar. 1992 (NY: DC).
Ragman battles a clay Golem that was created by a rabbi when it was thought that the original Ragman was killed. The clay Golem is destroyed when the word "emet" is erased from his forehead. This differs from the Batman battle with a golem (Batman tried to only erase the letter "e" to form the word "met" - Hebrew for death).

--------. "Snitch" Batman : Legends of the Dark Knight #51 Sep. 1993 (NY: DC).

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The neighborhood comes to the defense of their superhero, Ragman, during his battle with Batman (the superhero who is that city's primary crimefighter). Ragman decides to leave Gotham and moves to New Orleans. Meanwhile, the rabbi takes a plane to Tel Aviv and dies peacefully en route.

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Much of the script is online at http://www.chabadonline.com/scripts/tgij/paper/Article.asp?ArticleID=3145, though only 1 page of the comic has been published to date.

Friedman, Michael Jan. "The Vessel" DCU Holiday Bash #1 (5th story) (NY : DC, 1997)
Although Kyle's not Jewish, he asks to tag along with his friends for a Hanukkah servive because "it sounded like fun." Rabbi Beccah (a woman) explains why Hanukkah is celebrated. When Kyle and his friends arrive at the Temple, they find the synagogue vadalized and learn that the vessel for the eternal flame (made of solid gold) was stolen as well. After transforming into his superhero identity (Green Lantern), Kyle tracks down the racists. However, his power ring runs out of energy because he forgot to recharge it. Miraculously, the ring gets its power back for long enough for Green Lantern to defeat the crooks, just as the oil in thr ancient Temple burned long enough (8 days) for more oil to be delivered to Jerusalem. Rabbi Beccah delivers a great sermon that ends with the phrase "hope can keep a flame going when its fuel should long ago have run out."

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This political cartoon shows a squad of police cars chasing a truck labelled "Unilingual Matzoh Distribution Inc.". At the time, the "language police" wanted to stop the sale of kosher-for-passover products which did not have French-language labels on them.

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Cain realizes that "something has gone wrong", in that he hasn't been trying to kill Abel so much. For a present, Cain gives Abel an egg, from which a baby gargoyle hatches. When Abel tries to name it "Irving", Cain becomes infuriated (gargoyles names must begin with "G") and attacks him. Later, Abel comes back to life, with a blackened eye. Still later, he tells his baby gargoyle (now named "Goldie") a "secret story" about two brothers who love each other and were always nice to each other.
Buy Sandman : Preludes and Nocturnes Today!

--------. "Parliament of Rooks" Sandman (2nd series) #40 Aug. 1992 (NY : DC), reprinted in Gaiman, Neil. Sandman : Preludes and Nocturnes (NY : DC, 1991), p. 200-224.
In the dreamscape, baby Danie Halll's dream-self is told several stories. One of the stories is about the 3 wives of Adam : Lilith, who was powerful, intelligent and inisited on being treated as Adam's equal (or perhaps, his superior) ; the unnamed second wife, whom the midrash states "was full of secretions and blood", whom Adam wouldn't even touch ; and Eve, who was blamed for misery, sin and the fall. Abel then tells a "sanitized" version of how Cain killed him, after G-d preferred his sheep sacrifice, and how Dream and Death comissioned them to live in the House of Secrets and House of Mystery, telling stories there.After Cain gives away the mystery of Abel's "Parliament of Rooks" story, Abel hits him with a hot poker and then throws his body into the fireplace.
Buy Sandman : Preludes and Nocturnes Today!

------. "Ramadan" Sandman (2nd series) #50 June 1993 (NY : DC), reprinted in Gaiman, Neil. Sandman : Fables and Reflections (NY : DC, 1993).
The second panel of page 2, which describes the sages and wise men of Al Raschid's court, says "In his court were the greatest teachers of the Hebrews, who were the first of the three people of the book..." This text accompanies an illustration of a bearded man in a skullcap in front of a candleabra reading from a Torah scroll.
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--------. "Season of Mists Chapter 1" Sandman #22 (NY : DC), reprinted in Gaiman, Neil. Sandman : Season of Mists.
Sandman sends Cain as his emissary to deliver a message to Lucifer in Hell. After he delivers it, Lucifer's demons want to kill him. Lucifer forbids them, quoting scripture from Genesis and showing them the mark on Cain's forehead. There are annotations for this issue at http://www.stahl.bau.tu-bs.de/~hildeb/sandman/annotations/sandman.22.shtml.
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Buy Sandman : The Doll's House Today!

------. "Three Septembers and a January" Sandman (2nd series) #31 Oct. 1991 (NY : DC), reprinted in Gaiman, Neil. Sandman : Fables and Reflections (NY : DC, 1993), p. 20-44.
In 1859, a Jewish man named Joshua Abraham Norton is given the chance by Morpheus to live out his dream - which in his case is to be emperor. Joshua writes a letter to a local newspaper - a declaration and proclamation that he is the Emperor of the United States. As a result he becomes, a self-delusional, yet contented eccentric, whose "role" is humored by those around him (e.g. Mark Twain). Upon dying, Death tells him of the Jewish legend of the 36 tzaddikim - the "secret kings and queens of the world". She then tells him that, of all the kings and emperors she has met, she like him the best.
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Discusses the Jewish super-heroes Ramban the magician, Judith, Dybbuk, Golem, Nuklon, Colossal Boy, Ragman and Sabra

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Discusses the Jewish super-heroes
Seraph, the Blasters, Colossal Boy, Ragman, Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family, Mindboggler, Ramban, Golem, Judith, Nuklon, Phantom Stranger and Sabra.

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Buy the Book Today!

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Buy the Book Today!

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Mystic Dr. Strange tries to save earth from the power of Shuma-Gorath. When Shuma-Gorath attacks Earth with his sorcery, the effects are particularly felt by those who practice the magic arts. The bottom panel of pg. 27 shows that "an old Talmudic scholar's heart stops".

--------. "Shall I Call Thee Master?" Super-Villain Team Up #16 May 1979 (NY : Marvel).
A captured Shin Bet commando named Yousuf Tov is treated well by Red Skull and Hatemonger, while his comrades are starving and ill-treated. He is considered a collaborator by his fellow Israeli agents.

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German adaptation of Au nom de tous les miens."The survival fight of a Jew in the Warsaw Ghetto", based on Martin Gray's autobiographical novel (probably For Those I Loved).The title literally translates as "That Cry after Lives".

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Published in the Canadian Jewish News.

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Buy the Book Today!

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Review of Kyle Baker's King David (DC).

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Each set of pages contains a collection of conversations simultaneously going on about the Hebrew blessings. The dialogue uses word balloons, but there are no panels and therefore no sequence. Each double-page has a theme, but the page sets are not related to each other (except, in that they are all about blessings).

--------.Let's Learn about Kosher Food. (NY : Feldheim).
Each set of pages contains a collection of conversations simultaneously going on about the kashrut laws on Jewish food. The dialogue uses word balloons, but there are no panels and therefore no sequence. Each double-page has a theme, but the page sets are not related to each other (except, in that they are all about keeping kosher).
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Collection of comic strips centering around a Jewish family (and their parrot) - in Spanish.

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Buy the Book Today!

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The story incolves an escaped slave and the Qumari tribe that he stumbles upon and spends time living with. In his interview for Sequential Tart, Justin said "The Qumari (members of the religious community that Nkota stumbles upon in A Sacred Text) are based on an amalgam of all three "religions of the book," which are much more similar than not. The Dead Sea Scroll cult was around at a time in history when none of these three religions really existed .... The cult slightly pre-dated the Nazarene cult, that of Jesus (some people believe that the cult's leader was actually Jesus, but there were many, many Jewish religious sects at the time), so the Christian religion hadn't formed yet. The same is true of Judaism ... certainly the Hebraic religious traditions had already had a long history in the region, but what we think of as normative (Rabbinic) Judaism wouldn't be developed for a while. And Mohammed wasn't even a twinkle in his mother's eye yet."

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A woman asks the hat shop salesperson for a yarmulke "of the type worn by Rudy Giuliani".

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The Unknown Soldier disguises himself as the husband of a political prisoner so that he can be sent to a death camp to save her. While there, he encounters and witnesses Nazi brutality.

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Computer-generated comic about a superhero team. One of the members of the team is Fire Islander (aka Hiram Stein, a gay Jew).

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A fictionalized story of the rise to fame of Bob Dylan aka Robert Zimmerman. In this version, it is Zimmerman who is the powerful star, while Bob Dylan is the ordinary singer.

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Hate comic showing Jews as lying, money-hungry and violent. The book tries to dismiss facts as myths and discounts any account of miracles as being false.

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A visual introduction to the terror and politics of Israel.
Buy the Book Today!

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A 15-page wordless story that takes place during the Holocaust.

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Buy The Picture Bible Today!

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Buy the Book Today!

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Buy the Book Today!

Jacobs, Rivka. Magneto and the Holocaust Q & A

---------. Magneto is Jewish

--------. The Mischling Laws, the Law of Return, and the Sonderkommando.

--------. More About Magneto Being A Jew

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A distraught Donna Troy goes to a church seeking solace, having lost both her husband and her son. She reads aloud the text of a newspaper article that described one of her adventures. The article tells of how, in a display of racial and ethnic unity, several groups of people, "most prominently African Americans and a small but visible contingent of gays and lesbians, joined the march and were openly accepted by the primarily Jewish participants" prior to a riot provoked by neo-Nazi fanatics during a midnight candlelit vigil remembering those lost to the Holocaust. Another article shown later tells how TTroy's non-Jewish husband Terry was beaten, along with a friend, in what was reported as an anti-semitic attack.

Jolley, Dan. "The Empty Locket" Obergeist : The Empty Locket #1 Mar. 2002 (Orange, CA : Image).
In Sweden, in 1944, Adam Weiss senses that he is soon to be rounded up by Nazis who want to experiment on him because of his special mental abilities. He tries to save his family, but they end up being captured.

--------. "Playing Pinochle with Dead Folks" Obergeist : Ragnarok Highway #1 May 2001 (Orange, CA : Image).

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Outspoken singer Naomi Soon-Li-Torrijos-Washington has become a target for the Secret Dreams security force after revealing that the music industry was slipping subliminals into songs. She describes herself as "part Japanese, part Jewish, part Chinese, part Mexican, part Afro-American" and wished it was the 1990's again (when "... they had all those great conflicts! Like ethnic conflicts!"). Yet, she also says she doesn't "want to be some kind of purie".

--------. "Where the Wild Things Are". Justice League America #95 Jan. 1995. (NY: DC).
Half of the comic shows superhero Nuklon (aka Albert Rothstein)'s date with superheroine "Fire" (aka Beatriz DaCosta). Towards the end of the date, Fire tells Nuklon that she asked him out because she wants to settle down with someone. Nuklon, though flattered, tells her that he couldn't marry her unless she converted to Judaism: "I'm like a link in a chain. I can't be the one to break that chain."

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When the Nazis unknowingly send nuclear physicist Prof. Leclair (a colleague of Albert Einstein) to a concentration camp, along with other Jews, the Creature Commandos go undercover as a travelling circus freak show. The show travels from one concentration camp to another, until they notice Leclair among prisoners being marched to work. When the Commandos overhear that those in the work detail will be gunned down in order for the camp to meet its liquidation quota, they attack the Nazis and save the prisoners. Some of the prisoners call Taylor - the tall patchwork monster - a golem.

--------. "Final Performance" Our Army At War #292 May 1976 (NY : DC).
When news of the advancing Allied troops reaches Auschwitz the camp orchestra musicians decide to revolt against their oppressors with just themselves and their instruments. The Nazis gun them down, but one musician survives long enough to play his final notes for the liberators.

--------. "I Owe You One" Sgt. Rock #413 Dec. 1986 (NY : DC)

--------. "The Tourists" Blitzkrieg #4 Aug. 1976 (NY : DC).
Franz, Hugo and Walter are among a group of Nazis on furlough in Paris. Upon seeing a Jewish woman with a Star of David badge on her sleeve (on what is probably the street that was called Rue des Juifs) carrying a loaf of bread, Walter comments that "This has been their [the Jews'] area in Paris for centuries." The Jewish woman throws the loaf (which has explosives inside it) at a panzer, then flees into a metro tunnel. She leaps in front of an oncoming subway train to avoid capture by the Nazis.
The second story in this comic, also written by Kanigher, seems to be an adaptation of the German song Und was bekam des Soldaten Weib?("Ballad of the Soldier's Wife"), written by Jewish musician Kurt Weill (with Bertolt Brecht).

--------. "Walls of Blood" Blitzkrieg #2 (1st story) March-Apr. 1976 (NY : DC).
Nazi soldiers Franz, Hugo and Walter are "rewarded" for their good work fighting Polish soldiers in Warsaw with an assignment to the Warsaw Ghetto. Franz feels that "this is no duty for a soldier", but Hugo and Walter consider it easy duty : "these poeple [Jews] answer to a slap -- by turning the other cheek". As they watch Jews hauling their dead off in carts, Franz, Hugo and Walter attribute the epidemic to their Jewish nature instead of attributing it to their worsened living conditions : "They die like fleas", "A weak people!", "They are unfit to live!".

Jews who try to leave the ghetto are shot dead. Their Yiddish language is considered gibberish by the Nazis. A Jewish man who has managed to escape from a concentration camp with the help of a disgusted Nazi, explains to the people of the Warsaw Ghetto what the Nazi showed him : "Gas chambers -- where helpless men, women, and children were slaughtered! Afterwards -- the dead bodies were cremated ... in the ovens!" Benjamin's grandfather tells the others that they must fight, recalling Masada : "Rather than surrender, they killed their own wives and children ... to the last man! Can we do less.. here in the Warsaw Ghetto?"

Children trying to sneak food into the ghetto via the sewers are shot dead. At the end of the story, the ghetto seems empty, but Benjamin's grandfather is shown urging Benjamin to escape through the sewers : "You are our only hope! The dead ... will live on ... in you! Th-they will never ... destroy us ..."
The story is accompanied by a 1-page prose essay "The Battle of the Warsaw Ghetto" by Allan Asherman.

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Buy the Book Today!/jewsincomics"> Buy the Book Today!

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Milo K.

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At the end of the story, "The Anointed One" holds the battered and bloodied body of The Flash in his hand. The Flash weakly warns his teammates to run away from this fight.
Buy the Book Today!

--------. "Obsidian" JLA #74 Late Dec. 2002 (NY : DC), reprinted in Kelly, Joe. JLA: The Obsidian Age, Book One (NY : DC).
The JLA of the present, having travlled back in time, battle the ancient "League" of ancient superheroes. Superman fights "The Anointed One", who seems as powerful as he is. As they battle, "The Anointed One" tells Superman, "I am fallen from Heaven, found by Hezzeroth the Sage, trained by the Hebrew faithful for the day I would repel Satan and pave the way for The Prophet. When I triumph, I will return to beloved Jerusalem and do God's will there ... My path is the path to Heaven." Buy the Book Today!

--------. "Revisionist History" JLA #70 Oct. 2002 (NY : DC), reprinted in Kelly, Joe. JLA: The Obsidian Age, Book One (NY : DC).
The superhero group "Justice League of America" travel to ancient Atlantis to try to save Aquaman. There, they encounter an ancient multicultural superhero group called "The League". Among them is "The Anointed One", an alien raised by the Hebrews. When we first see him, he has Hebrew tattoos on his skin. One reads "anat" (?) and the other says "din" (which means "judge"). Buy the Book Today!

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A Son-O-God tale.

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Buy the Book Today!

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Two of the characters in the afterlife world are Gelfand and Mordy, who are both Israelis. Gelfand is on edge because there are so many Arabs there and he worries that they'll be found out as Israelis. Gelfand replies, "I guess they'll kill us again."

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Sgt. Fury

--------. "What if the Fantastic Four Were the Original Marvel Bullpen?" What If... #11 Oct. 1978. (NY: Marvel).
Story that parallels the storyline of the superhero series The Fantastic Four, except that the four main characters have real-life counterparts (i.e. they all worked at the Marvel Comics company). The four characters are Stan Lee (nee Liebowitz), Jack "King" Kirby, Sol Brodsky and Flo Steinberg. However, in this story, the characters don't do or say anything Jewish, except for pg. 11: "Why are we hiding like schlemiels?".

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Buy the Book Today!
Dry Bones is one of the oldest syndicated comic strips about Jews and Israel (it has been published since 1978).

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Buy the Book Today!

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The comic tells of a conversation between Neil and his father about Neil's decision to join the Jewish Defense League.

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The panel showing Arnie's funeral depicts a Jewish cemetery.

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Includes "Why the Bunch Can't Draw", a story about taking a class from "a Jewish art professor named Mr. Horowitz", who humiliates her in front of "the other competitive Jewish art students" (the last panel is a self-portrait with a Jewish star). "Up in the Air with Bunch" features a satirical panel headed "Life of the Jewess" (and includes a seatmate on a plane who is thinking "These high strung Jewesses are sexy!"), while "Grief on Long Island" opens with a funeral at a cemetery with markers for Stein, Finkel and Cohen.

--------. Love that Bunch. (Fantagraphics, 1990).
Includes foreword by Harvey Pekar focusing greatly on the artist's "Long Island Jewish" influences (Pekar describes his own Jewish heritage). Stories include most of those in The Bunch's Power Pak Comics, plus others, (e.g. "Oh Camp So Dear" is about a place for "middle class urban Jews to send their kids to summer camp for a few weeks").

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On page 12, an 8-candle Hanukkah menorah can clearly be seen in the background on the table in front of the stairway in Eve's house (her name isn't given in the story).

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Buy the Book Today!

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The story doesn't specify that any of its characters are Jewish, but it is an adaptation of a Jewish folk tale. You can read a text version of the story at http://www.jerusalemcityfarmers.org/tales.html (last story).
Buy the Book Today!

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Collection of "Dayenu" syndicated one-panel comic strips from the 1950's and 1960's.

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Collection of "Dayenu" syndicated one-panel comic strips from the 1950's and 1960's.

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Collection of "Dayenu" syndicated one-panel comic strips from the 1950's and 1960's.

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Collection of "Dayenu" syndicated one-panel comic strips from the 1950's and 1960's.

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In this issue, Magneto returns to Auschwitz, where he has an argument with Professor Xavier, accompanied by Amelia Voght. In the end, Xavier fails to dissuade him from his chosen course of action (the attempted domination of humankind). Before leaving Auschwitz, he takes handfuls of earth, which he takes back with him to Asteroid M.

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Buy the Book Today!

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In a dream, Charles Xavier imagines himself in Israel, where he ponders that when he is most at peace with himself, he finds that his thoughts always drift back to Israel. Magneto tells him that Israel was where they had spent the happiest time of their lives.

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Buy the Book Today!
David Schwartz, a Jewish paperboy (for a Communist newspaper) is taunted and chased by anti-communist, anti-semitic hooligans. His idol seems to be the American-Jewish escape artist Harry Houdini.

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Buy the Book Today!

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Anna Kapplebaum, thinking back to the Holocaust while in a butcher shop, recalls how she was forced to play in a band at Diebenwald, while her people died. She also recalls her fight with the camp doctor - Klaus Mendelhaus (also called "Menhaus"). She awakens from her flashback when she accidentally bumps into a man she realizes is Mendelhaus and faints. At the hospital, she is visited by Nazi-hunters Aaron and Marie Heller. They tell her that they are tracking Mendelhaus down. Mendelhaus and Kapplebaum are both kidnapped by neo-Nazis who plan to establish a new Nazi regime in South America. Mendelhaus, who can't recall Anna's name, tells her that he's as much a prisoner as she is. When Aaron tries to rescue Anna (accompanied by Marie and superhero Captain America), he has a heart attack, but is saved by Mendelhaus. Anna threatens to shoot Mendelhaus, but decides not to after he asks for forgiveness and remembers her name. Instead, he ends up killed by Marie.
Personally, I found this issues troublesome, as it misrepresents Nazi hunters who seek "justice not vengeance" (in the words of Simon Wiesenthal) and who try to bring Nazis to trial. The story suggests that Nazis are remorseful, although to date, Albert Speer is the only Nazi to even admit that he was responsible for his actions. The story also suggests that Jews are wrong to want revenge on Nazis (Captain America says condescendingly at the end "it will never be over until we learn to temper justice with mercy").

--------. "Crossroads" Men of War #10 (1st story) Nov. 1978 (NY : DC).
American soldier Captain Ulysses Hazard (aka Gravedigger) is saved by a group of Jewish child partisans. The children's grandafther recalls for him how the children's father was killed after being identified by the Nazis as a member of the Jewish underground. Their mother had been taken to the Berkstaten "work camp". Hazard agrees to help the children find their mother and is only saved by the deflection of a bullet off of the grandfather's locket that contains a picture of his daughter. At a crossroads, Hazard almost decides to head to Berlin to complete his mission, but chooses instead to go to Berkstaten.

Maggin, Elliot S. "The Star and the Twisted Cross". The Shadow Strikes #20 June 1991. (NY: DC).
Crimefighter "the Shadow" and his assistant Margo help smuggle a German-Jewish Einstein-like professor from Germany to the U.S. after he is offered a visiting professorship in physics. Nazi agents try to kill him, but the Shadow intervenes every time. Some interesting segments include the discussion of Americanizing their names (pg. 4), the discarding of the yellow star badges (pg. 5) and the contrast of using the star of David as a hateful branding vs. wearing it as a symbol of Jewish pride (pg. 20).

--------, Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson, et al. "The Last Earth- Prime Story". Superman #411 Sept., 1985 (NY: DC).
In the story, down-and-out former Jewish science-fiction agent Julius Schwartz tries to get a job from his former sci-fi collaborator-turned-publisher Perry White. Perry explains to superhero Superman that Schwartz would sometimes write the stories himself and might have done well if only the "true" versions of Ultra- Man, Night Wizard, etc. had not shown up in the form of Superman, Batman and other superheroes. Later, Superman brings Schwartz to "our" real world where he meets his DC Comics editor counterpart. This comic was written as a surprise birthday present for Schwartz.

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Buy the Book Today!

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Bruce Banner (the alter ego of superhero "the Hulk") befriends an Arab boy, who is killed in a Tel Aviv cafe by a terrorist bomb. Israeli superheroine "Sabra" mistakenly believes the Hulk to be an accomplice of the terrorists. Paraphrasing his friend Sahad, Hulk offers a simplistic view of the Middle East conflict: "Boy died because of two old books that say his people and yours must fight and kill for land." Belinda Glass is credited with coming up with the concept of Sabra.

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Moses, during his baby years, parts the waters of his bathtub.

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The mystical rags of the suit worn by superhero Ragman take on a mind of their own, defying Rory Regan and wanting to kill evil people on its own. Superhero Batman frees Rory from the rags and then tracks them down to Rabbi Isaac Ben Luria's synagogue, where they fnd the rabbi being attacked by a skinhead. After Batman and Rory save the rabbi, the rags try to smother the skinhead. Rabbi Luria gets the idea to chase the rags away with the sound of breaking glass (an ancient tradition at Jewish weddings is for the groom to break a drinking glass).
Later, Rabbi Luria tries to help Rory regain control of the rags and regain his soul. He tells Rory to love G-d more than he hates evil. The rabbi is killed by a skinhead after he seeks out Ragman, in order to help him. Ragman obeys the rabbi's last wish and captures the skinheads without killing any of them.

--------. "Suit of Evil Souls" Batman #551 Feb. 1998 (NY : DC)
Superhero Ragman returns to Gotham City to attend the funeral of Benjamin Mizrahi. He learns from Rabbi Isaac Ben Luria that violent racists have formed a gang in Gotham and have been terrorizing "non-whites", including Jews. Dr. Levy, a hate crimes expert discusses antisemitism on Vesper Fairchild's radio show.

-------- and Rick Geary. "Saucer Sorcery" in Moench, Doug. The Big Book of Conspiracies (NY : Paradox, 1995), pg. 80-85.

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I haven't seen this yet, but it's probably a docu-comic.

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While Abby Holland sleeps, her dream-self visits Cain (of the House of Mystery) and Abel (of the House of Secrets). After she chooses to hear a secret, Abel tells her the story of the Swamp Thing (as told in House of Secrets #92). Afterwards, he tries to sneak her back to wakefulness in a way that would allow her to remember the story after she wakes. However, Cain discovers their attempted escape and threatens to make her forget upon leaving. When Abel attacks Cain, Cain "kills" Abel with a rock-blow to the head. When Abby accuses him of murder, Cain replies, "Murder? Don't talk to me about murder! I invented murder!" Cain explains how they are being punished for the first murder : he is to be the murderer over and over again, while his brother is to be the eternal victim.
Buy the Book Today!

-------- and Hunt Emerson. "Leviticus" Outrageous Tales from the Old Testament (4th story) (London : Knockabout, 1987).

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In flashback, the attack on a Jewish family during Kristallnacht is shown, a precious crown (probably a Torah keter) taken as a spoil of war. Gil (the Eternal Warrior) travels to Berlin with his friends Neville and Jillian to steal the crown from a museum (where it is on display) so that they can return it to Jessica (who is dying and whose family the crown belonged to).

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Originally published in 1942. "Endorsed by clergy of all faiths" - (cover) including Rabbi Saul I. Teplitz of Congregation Sons of Israel (& President of the Synagogue Council of America, 1977-1979).
Buy the Book Today!

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This cartoon shows Chasidic Jewish protesters carrying placards that read "GAS THE GAYS" and "YOU CAN'T BE GAY AND JEWISH", reprinted in her Rubyfruit Mountain : A Stonewall Riots Collection (Pittsburgh : Cleis, 1993).
Buy the Book Today!

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Israeli super-hero comic Urion.

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Includes five pieces by Aline Kominsky-Crumb. "Growing Up as Arnie's Girl" (first panel: father on the phone: "Schmucks!"); "Moo Goo Gai Pan" despite the title, largely about Jewish food); "Nose Job" (in which "a pink overweight, Christian animal- and Bush-loving" couple walk by with their pet, prompting the thought, "The dog can tell I'm a Jew!").
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The agents of the Israeli Hayoth team try to free Quraci ex-president Marlo from a U.S. military prison. American superheroes Batman, Superman and Aquamantry to stop the Hayoth from freeing him while the superpowered team-for-hire called Janissary tries to free Marlo during their battle. However, it turns out that the true Marlo is being questioned by the Suicide Squad. The man known as Nemesis had been impersonating Marlo in the military prison.

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Superman, Batman and Aquaman fight members of the Suicide Squad (who they mistakenly believe are attacking the military police), as well as escaping members of the Janissary. The members of the Israeli Hayoth team also attempt to subdue the Janissary.

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Dybbuk interfaces with the Ifrit program in an attempt to release it from its hostile programming. As a result, Ifrit's core personality (Leah Wasserman) replaces Ifrit. Dybbuk, who decides that "Dybbuk" is no name for a real person, renames himself Leah and decides to "marry" Leah.

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Although it is never stated that Morris/Morgan or his mother is Jewish, the phrases, expressions and attitude his mother uses sound awfully Jewish (e.g. referring to Mogan as her "son with the different name who doesn't even call his own mother", "nu", "fancy-schmancy", "I-could-die-for-shame", "buhbeleh").

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Slice-of-life tales of Cleveland, some tales recalling Jewish life.
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Tells the experience of Harvey & his wife while Harvey had a long bout with cancer.
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A delegation of leaders of "man's world", including a rabbi, is sent to observe the ways of Themyscira (aka Paradise Island, the home of superheroine Wonder Woman). When a supervillain causes people on the island to be filled with hate, some of the guests and inahbitants utter anti-semitic remarks at the rabbi. These comics gave B'nai B'rith cause for concern, as reported in an issue of Covenant.

--------. "Poisoned Souls". Wonder Woman (2nd series) #39 Feb 1990 (NY: DC).
Tensions continue on Paradise Island. On pg. 7, the rabbi complains that the food is "trafe!": "You tried to poison me! Well, it's not going to work, sister! Lots of people have had the same idea in the last 3000 years! Romans! Crusaders! Inquisitors! Russians! Arabs! But we've survived them all! We even survived Hitler! And we'll survive you and your merry little band of Amazons too!"

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--------. "The Cup of Knowing" Doom Patrol #86 Jan. 1995 (NY : DC).
The Doom Patrol superhero group try to save Rabbi Goldbaum from a rampaging golem, not realizing that Rabbi Golbaum is actually Della Reina and that he had brought the golem to life. While the Doom Patrol is occupied in battle, Della Reina travels to the Doom Patrol's headquarters, where he attains the final cup of dreams after shattering the head of a clone of Niles Caulder.

--------. "A Song for the Small Face" Doom Patrol #84 Nov. 1994 (NY : DC).
When Reb Chaim resurrects the great rabbi known as "the ARI", Joseph Della Reina attacks Chaim and spirits the ARI away. Ficve years later, superheroes Robotman and Coagula attend a faith healing lecture-demonstration given by Rabbi Samuel Goldbaum (who is actually Della Reina in disguise). Later, Robotman and Coagula save Reb Chaim from an attack.

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Reb Chaim meets the rest of the Doom Patrol and tells them a kaballistic version of the creation story. He also tells how the weak and corrupted Rabbi Della Reina had tried to "force the Messiah", but failed. He tells how the great Rabbi Isaac Luria (aka the ARI) had been resurrected, giving Della Reina again the chance to "force the Messiah", which could cause great havoc and destruction.

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This story shows what Batman might have been like if he were a Jewish resistance fighter in Nazi Germany, instead of the American playboy Bob kane wrote him as. In this story, Batman is the superhero alter ego of wealthy artist-socialite Baruch Wane. Baruch is a friend of Komissar Garten, who tells him of the recent confiscation of the property of Jewish economist Ludwig Von Mises. Though unable to stop the train carrying Von Mise's belongings, Batman sabotages the railroad tracks. In flashback, the brutal anti-semitic attack on Wane's parents, which made him an orphan is shown.

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Esther takes Corto Maltese to her father, Doctor Rabbi Melchisedech, who tries to aid Corto in his search for the seven cities of Cibola.

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Doctor Rabbi Melchisedech tells Corto historical details about a magic emerald called "Samson's Clavicle".

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--------. SM-15 : Halte au "Plan Terreur" (Algiers : Enterprise Nationale du Livre, 1983). Part 1 of a 2-part story, in which secret agent Mourad Saber foils an Israeli plot to import U.S. ballistic missiles and upset the military balance of power in the region.

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Buy the Book Hunting Tigers... Today!

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Originally published in France as Thamara & Juda by International Press Magazine.
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Superhero Captain America saves a group of talented Hollywood men (mostly Jewish) after they are kidnapped by the racist group Sons of the Serpent. One of the saved men thanks Captain America for having also saved his mother's life during the Holocaust. later, the Sons of the Serpent reportedly bomb mosques and synagogues in 17 states and kill more than 300 minorities and immigrants.

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After Mal tells Azrael (the angel of death) that he's not ready to die, Mal is given a chance to literally fight Azrael for his life, with Gabriel refereeing. After Mal kayos Azrael, Gabriel gives him a shofar that, when blown (only if the odds are against him), allows him to be the equal of his opponent.

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Rabbi Sinnowitz introduces Xombi to Dakota's supernatural underworld.

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Superhero Xombi is saved from an attempt on his life by Joachim and Boaz - 2 golems built by Rabbi Sinnowitz. Rabbi Sinnowitz then takes Xombi to his home, where he introduces him to his associates - Catholic Girl, Nun of the Above and Julian Parker.

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On pg. 1, Vera's great-great grandmother tells her about Kristallnacht. On pg. 3, Madame Mitsubishi-Strauss is called "an old Jew cyborg". On pg. 5, Madame's DNA is said to come mostly from "a kike great great grandmother". The title character's name is a literal translation of Kristallnacht. A nazi-like Centroburo (aka the hierarchy) has been discriminating against "Peds" - slang for outcasts who live in the barrios: walkers, mutes and unemployables. Crystal tries to save them with a plan to send them to colonize the moons of Callisto and Deimos, but the Centroburo betrays her benevolent intentions by setting up the futuristic equivalent of concentration camps (without her knowledge). In the end, a powerful mutant saves the outcasts in its own version of Kristallnacht (where the oppressors become the victims).

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Sacco meets Ali shortly after the Gulf War ends. Ali, "whose family fled Palestine during the 1948 fighting, ... whose grandfather's brother was massacred at Shatilla during Israel's 'Peace for Galilee' invasion" says "You cannot imagine how I feel." Sacco says that he is afriad to even try.
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--------. "Hate is Love", reprinted in War Junkie : Illustrated Tales of Combat, Depression & Rock 'n Roll (Seattle: Fantagraphics, 1995), pg. 120-121.
Sacco recounts how Palestinians cheered the bombing of Israel by Iraq during the Gulf War and quotes Menachem Begin from the book The Revolt to compare what had been Israeli feelings towards the British with the present feeling of Palestinians towards Israelis.
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Collecting the stories from the series, these paperbacks use the premise that the narrator is a photojournalist covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The occasional anti-semitism (e.g. Arabs saying that "Jews are dogs!") is probably more a reflection of the Arab characters' anti-semitism than the author's.
Buy Book 1 Today! or
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--------. "Palestinians and Other Problems", reprinted in War Junkie : Illustrated Tales of Combat, Depression & Rock 'n Roll (Seattle: Fantagraphics, 1995)
Sacco compares people's attitude about the plight of the Palestinians with his friends' attitude about his chipped tooth : "everyone played sympathetic and then everyone got on with their evening." Sacco then recounts his conversation with Ali who says that Arafat is "not a good man. He will agree to a state that does not include all of Palestine." Sacco tells him that he'll be lucky if if the Palestinians get the West Bank and Gaza strip back.
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???? explains the significance of the various types of Christmas gifts for couples. She tells him that he "absolutely can't blow" this (second) year gift exchange and then tells him she feels "so lucky to be Jewish" (and, thus, not be a part of all that).
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This story introduces superheroine Matzohgirl (Monika Rubinstein), the "Defender of Cote St. Luc. She battles the robot called La Regie which thinks she has violated les reglements sur la langue parlee par les superhumains pendant les activities superhumaines. La Regie demands that she refer to herself as "la fille aux pouvoirs sur-humains bases sur le pain azyme, nourriture traditionellement mangee pendant la paques juive", not accepting her insistence that she had gotten an exemption. The story is a satire of Quebec sign laws, which try to reduce the number of and relative size of English language signs in the province.
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--------. "Invasion of the Anglo Snatchers", reprinted in Angloman 2 : Money, Ethnics, Superheroes (Montreal : Nuage, 1996).
While at a convention in Toronto, Montreal superheroes Angloman and Poutinette learn that Matzohgirl and West Island Lad have become Torontonians. Their personalities and even their costumes have radically changes as a result. Soon, Poutinette and Angloman are battling the Torontorg (similar to the Borg in the Star Trek series) and trying to resist assimilation. Thanks to a remedy of Montreal smoked meat and bagels, the 4-some regain their Montreal identitites. The story is a satire on the great exodus of Montreallers to Toronto.
Buy It Today!

--------. "The Q Files", reprinted in Angloman 2 : Money, Ethnics, Superheroes (Montreal : Nuage, 1996).
Le Capitaine Souche (who has a striking resemblance to former Quebec politician Jacques Parizeau) tries to get the province of Quebec to separate from the country Canada. However, he is defeated by Ethnoman. Ethnoman's face and personality are constantly shifting to make him resemble the different Quebecois ethnic groups that are part of him. At times, he has the facial features of a Chasidic Jew. Obviously, the story is a satire of the 1995 Quebec referendum.
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Essay about Judaism written in reaction to Jonny Hart's Easter/Passover B.C. strip, which Sim considers anti-Semitic.

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By page 15, Cerebus has come to refer to himself as "The Rabbi" (meant to parody the title character of the title character of Garth Ennis's Priest. The issue uses Hebrew-type font and has some Yiddishisms thrown in (e.g. "gebenscht", "schnozzle" and "shiksa").

--------. "[Latter Days, Part 7]" Cerebus #272 Nov. 2001 (Kitchener, Ont. : Aardvark-Vanaheim).
There are some interesting touches in this issue, such as the Ben-Gurions of the Galaxy, who resemble the Guardians of OA of the Green Lantern issues (2nd series). Those Guardians had been drawn to resemble Israel's first Prime Minister - David Ben Gurion. There's a depiction of Cerebus as a young rabbi, the rabbi logo and the phrase "chas vesholem".

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Jewish superheroine Kitty Pryde (aka Shadowcat) consoles Anita Foster - a black girl whose church was torched by a racist arsonist. Kitty compares the racist destruction of the church to the desecration of the Jews' temple 2,000 years ago by the Syrian Greeks. Kitty explains that both acts were wrong because all people are the same - even mutants. Kitty tries to prove that mutants are just like other people when she uses her power to retrieve Anita's lost, priceless locket.

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Noel Black, a Jewish child of Holocaust survivors who had undergone Nazi "experiments", seeks vengeance by killing Nazis who have moved to the U.S. using his ability to metamorphize into a bestial creature. Snyder seems to have a disdain for the exploitation of the Holocaust by the entertainment industry, which is discussed in an essay that follows the story.

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Art interviews famed Jewish illustrator Maurice Sendak.

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Art tells of his trip to Europe to promote Maus and reflects on how racism still remains there.

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This story appears on the Maus CD-ROM from Voyager.

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Pulitzer prize-winning testimony of Art's father - a Holocaust survivor - as told verbally to Art. The CD-ROM version includes audio from the taped conversations. For a list of articles about Maus and Spiegelman, click here.
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Art reflects on his life and childhood.

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Adolf Kamil's former teacher (Miss Ogi) gives Kamil an envelope containing the documents that prove that Hitler is Jewish. When he returns home, Adolf's mother explains how his father (Isaac) is trying to assist Jewish refugees in Lithuania by taking them along the Shanghai route to Japan, so that they can eventually immigrate to America. After his Japanese tourist passport is stolen, Isaac is picked up by Nazis who are rounding up the Jews of the town.
While distributing yellow badges to Jewish families, Adolf Kaufman (who has enrolled in the Hitler Youth Patrol) meets and becomes infatuated with Elisa Gutheimer (who has Chinese ancestry). To test the loyalty of Hitler Youth who aren't pure, Kaufman (who is half-Japanese) and 2 others are taken to a field where they are each ordered to kill a Jew from a group that has been rounded up. After much hesitation (and shooting 3 bullets), Kaufman kills Isaac Kamil. Kaufman later arranges for Elisa to be smuggled to Japan and asks the Kamil family to look after her. Eisa's father (Klaus) wrongly believes that his connections to Nazi officials will allow him and his family to be spared.
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In a flashback, the superhero Steel is shown being captured by Nazis and taken to a concentration camp. One of the Jews explains to Steel what the camps are and what the Nazis are doing to them. Later, that Jew attacks a Nazi leader with a vial of acid and is shot to death.

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Evil sorceror Kaballa kidnaps .... , in an attempt to lure the Golem to him. When the Golem's actions are misinterpreted as his going on a rampage in Florida, the superhero called "The Thing" tries to subdue him.

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Mr. Moore, the local minister, jokingly refers to Dennis as "another young David" when he sees him in the park with a slingshot. Moore obliges Dennis's curiosity by telling him the story of King David. The pages with Dennis are drawn by Hank Ketcham, but the pages illustrating the Biblical story are adapted from the works of classical artists (e.g. Rembrandt, Doré, Chandler Bible).

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A jealous classmate named Sean assumes that it must be easier for Kim to "be a grind" and earn the National Merit scholarship because she has grown up in an Asian family. She then tells Sean that her adoptive parents are Jewish.

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, p. 55-56. Reverend Scot discusses the implications of what Lieberman's running as a candidate for Vice-President means since he is a religious Jew who believes in an inclusive God.
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In response to Jerry's joke not to eat too many Native American buffalo burgers, Rocky tells the readers that he's having lox and bagels.

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Ekonomikrisis, the Phoenician merchant, forgets to bring "rock oil" to Asterix's little Gaulish village. Since rock oil is an important ingredient for the magic potion that allows Gauls keep the Romans at bay, Asterix and Obelix go on a quest to Mesopotamia to find rock oil to bring back to the village. Their travels take them to Bethlehem and Jeruslame. They are helped by 4 Jews - Isaiah, Joshua Ben Zedrin, Saul Ben Ephisul and Samson Alius (alias Rosenblumenthalovitch). The Hebrews explain how they distrust Rome's power and Joshua explains to Obelix that Jews are forbidden to eat pork (Obelix's favorite food is wild boar).
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http://www.randomhate.com/old/comics/jew1.html A stereotypical-looking Jew is given oral sex by a prostitute and then finds he can't pay for it. Pimp Ninja SaGwi shows up to teach the Jew a lesson. A panel is still online at http://web.archive.org/web/20020626152335/http://www.randomhate.com/old/comics/jew1.html.

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American celebrity Frank Sinatra comes to the aid of a boy who is being mobbed by a bunch of boys who "don't like his religion". Frank accuses them of being "Nazi were-wolves". He then tells them of how his father came from Italy and asks them if he should hate their fathers if they vcame from Ireland France or Russia (where was this comic in the 1950s?). He then tells of aplane that sunk a Japanese battleship which was piloted by a Presbytarian and which had a Jewish bomber named Meyer Levin.

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Docu-comic story about Haym Salomon, the Jewish broker who helped fund the American Revolution and died in debt.

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The story of Hannes Schneider, known as "the father of modern skiing". After Austria fell under German control, Hannes was rounded up, along with other Jews, and sent to a concentration camp. Due to Schenider's worldwide fame, people tried to get him freed and sent abroad, most notably New Yorker Harvey Gibson.

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Contains scenes showing 2 Israeli jets bombing a refugee camp.

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Referring to her strip, Urbanovic wrote "I wanted to write Jewish characters who were contemporary, who grappled with Jewish issues, who lived Jewishly and spoke out loud about it. Her 15th strip showed Wallflower afraid that her mother thinks that her friends arte all lesbians because they are "different". Then she realizes that her mother thought they were all Jewish.
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Vance, James. Kings in Disguise (Kitchen Sink, 1990).
This graphic novel is set during the Great Depression. The two main characters are a Jewish boy and the homeless man that takes care of him. On p. 16, the boy has a surreal, nightmarish dream about his bar mitzvah day. On p. 189, he dreams of receiving a box sent from the YMHA.

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--------. Veitch, Rick. "Cheek, Chin, Knuckle or Knee" The Maximortal #5 May 1993 (Northampton : Tundra), reprinted in Veitch, Rick. The Maximortal (King Hell Press, 2002).
Jerry Speigel (an obvious reference to Jerry Siegel, co-creator of Superman) takes in a True-Man feature film before making a delivery to Joseph Schumacher (an obvious reference to Joe Shuster, co-creator of Superman). On the way, he passes a wall with a "signature guide", showing how to write the "Sidney Wallace" signature for the comics. The "W" in the signature resembles both the W in Will Eisner's signature and the one in Walt Disney's signature. Joe and Jerry, who haven't seen each other in years, catch up on what's happened since they broke up. Joe, who looks sickly, has been doing minor art tasks (e.g. touching up artwork, fixing the spelling) on the foreign reprints. When Jerry takes Joe's advice and asks Wallace for a job, Sidney offfers hima job in the mail room. Insulted, Jerry reminds Sidney that he created True-Man. Sidney claims that he had a run-in with the "real" True-Man twenty -years before the strip was started.
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The superhero called The Sandman comes to the rescue of Rabbi Isaac Glickman, whose sermons had condemned Nazi persecution, American intolerance and organize crime. The Sandman explains to his girlfriend that the case is personal for him because his mother was Jewish. The cover of this issue uses a photo of an unnamed syangogue.

--------. "The Mist Act One" Sandman Mystery Theatre #37 Apr. 1996 (NY : DC).
Jewish gangster "Happy" Weiss hires Canadian inventor Smythe to sabotage a ship operated by a non-union German family. A businessman refers to Weiss' "shady Jewish connections".

--------. "The Mist Act Three" Sandman Mystery Theatre #39 June 1996 (NY : DC).

--------. "The Mist Act Two" Sandman Mystery Theatre #38 May 1996 (NY : DC).
Jewish gangster "Happy" Weiss hires Canadian inventor Smythe to sabotage Lucky Lips Lugamo's plane. Meanwhile, shipwrecked Frederic Bernstadt is questioned by the FBI over the mysterious destruction of his family's ship. Frederic suggest that they look to their own "Jewish dogs who would control the port [and] control port labor".

--------. "The Python Act One" Sandman Mystery Theatre #33 Dec. 1995 NY : DC).
On page 9, Wesley Dodd (aka the Sandman) talks with Hubert Klein, trying to get information. Hubert apologizes for not being able to help and explains that he just got news from Berlin that several family members were taken away months ago by the Nazis. He also mentions Kristallnacht.

Waid, Mark. Captain America (3rd series) #8 Aug. 1998 (NY : Marvel), reprinted in Avengers : Supreme Justice (NY : Marvel).
The story opens with a page that describes a death camp. The following page shows a modern gassing committed by aliens which is seen again later in the story.
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Not reccommended, except as a companion piece to Stern's autobiographical Private Parts or Miss America. Collection of vignettes, somewhat based on "the Stern persona", many in poor taste. The exaggeration of Stern's nose is anti-semitic, but may have been based on his own "routine" on the radio.

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Black supervillain Commando X tries to attack people and institutions that he feels are a threat to the black community. This includes an attack on a historic synagogue- Temple Beth Adonai. In his secret identity, black superhero Static and a Jewish friend (Frieda) try to understand black-Jewish tension and the attitudes that contribute to it. These issues may have been influenced by the Crown Heights riot.

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--------. "You're Gonna Get Yours" Static #7 Dec. 1993 (NY : DC).

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The Living Mummy, wandering through "endless desert wastes" sees an lone Israeli soldier (Racha Meyer) being pursued by an Arab tank, which is trying to shoot her down. A flashback sequence showed how N'kantu (the Living Mummy before he was mummified) - a Swarili prince - passed a dangerous rite of passage, succeeding in killing a lion. N'kantu sympathizes with Racaha, whom he understands to be facing a "test" herself. He uses his body to shield Racha from the tank's weapons while she prepares a grenade attack that blows up the tank.

--------. "There Walks the Golem!" Strange Tales #174 June 1974 (NY : Marvel).

Weisner, Al. [A Jewish Star Trek] New Adventures of Shaloman #2 (Philadelphia : Mark 1).
Superhero Shaloman and three atronauts create peace between the Chasidians and the Grivenites who are fighting for control over the harvesting of agels.
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--------. [Meet the Hammer (A Chanukah Story)] Legend of Shaloman #2 (Philadelphia : Mark 1, 1998).
Buy the comic.

--------. "Shofar So Good" The Legend of Shaloman #7 (Philadelphia : Mark 1, 2001).
Buy the comic.

--------. [Untitled]. Mark 1 Comics #1
Dr. Traif creates an unkosher clone of Shaloman to ruin his reputation and destroy him.
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--------. [Untitled] Mark 1 Comics #3 (Philadelphia : Mark 1, 1989).

--------. [Untitled]. New Adventures of Shaloman #3.
A Nazi officer tries to teach the natives of Bingo-Bingo the modern methods of killing. Followed by a short origin story. Buy the comic.

--------. [Untitled]. New Adventures of Shaloman #4.
"Swear, modern rock opera : a Purim parody".
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--------. [Untitled]. New Adventures of Shaloman #5
Dr. Traif calls upon the Devil to send demons after superhero Shaloman and finally battles him one-on-one. "Treif" is Yiddish for "unkosher".
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--------. [Untitled]. New Adventures of Shaloman #XY.
Superhero Shaloman helps a policeman of the future track down a fugitive killer.
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--------. [Untitled]. New Adventures of Shaloman #7.
A tourist in a museum bumps his head and dreams of a version of the Passover story in which Shaloman has the role of Moses.
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--------. [Untitled]. Shaloman #4
Shaloman tries to stop a man trying to take revenge on Israel (for refusing to give him citizenship) by blowing up ships and leaving behind forged Israeli documents.
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--------. [Untitled]. Shaloman #6
A scientist who fears the theft of his ideas and work uses special kippot (skull caps) to get revenge by controlling the minds of others.
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--------. [Untitled]. Shaloman #7
Dr. Traif tries to destroy the "heritage of Israel" by travelling back in time in order to prevent the miracle of Hanukkah by stealing the oil.
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Williams, Marcia. Bravo, Mr. William Shakespeare (Cambridge, MA : Candlewick,2000).
Contains capsule versions of 7 Shakespeare plays, including "Merchant of Venice" (which is only 4 pages long). Each adaptation consists of the play itself in comic panels (with Shakespearean dialogue in word balloons), an explanation of the scene in captions at the bottom of each panel and pictures of the audience, with their comments in word balloons in the "gutters" that form a frame around each page.

Willingham, Bill. "Halflife" Elementals #12 Feb. 1987 (Norristown, PA : Comico).
The editorial that precedes the story explains that this issue is a "dream issue". Superhero Monolith had been brutally attacked and that has caused the dream-state his mind is in this issue. During pasrt of his dream, Momlith finds out that fellow elemental Fathom has married Ratman, whom she tells him is Jewish. Ratman replies "That's right. 100% certified and circumcised."

--------. "Lifestyles of the Dead and Famous" Elementals #14 June 1987 (Norristown, PA : Comico).
In a blatant homage to the Batman origin story, the epilogue involves a maelstorm of evil zapping a bat, which then crashes into the home of Stanley Swartzberg and bites him. In the panel depciting his funeral, a Jewish-looking man is standing with a prayrbook in front of a tombstone that has a Star of David on it. Stanley is resurrected as a super-powered villain.

Winnick, Judd. Pedro and Me : Friendship, Loss, and What I Learned (NY : Henry Holt, 2000).
The true story of "Real World" (The MTV reality series) roommates Judd Winnick and Pedro Zamora. Although Judd is Jewish, his Jewish identity is only mentioned once in the book when he describes the four of them who had grown close. He describes himself as "your Jewish New York cartoonist"). In a sequence that is online at http://www.pedroandme.com/pedroandme/cuttingroom/onionrings_03.html (which did not make it to the book) he jokes to an interviewer about a pair of locals who yelled "Real people pay rent" by saying that they were his parents. He then explains that "Jews don't drive pick-up trucks."
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--------. "If Superman Didn't Exist" Action Comics #554 April 1984 (NY : DC).
Two imaginative kids, Jerry and Joey, dream up a powerful superhero to save their planet from aliens. They, and the people of their village, bring him to life just by believing in him. The two children are based on Superman's real- life Jewish creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster and the story is dedicated to them at the end.

--------. "Night-fire!" Tomb of Dracula #27 Dec. 1974 (NY : Marvel).

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--------. David the Daring. (Hong Kong : United Bible Societies, 1983)

--------. Day of Disaster (Hong Kong : United Bible Societies, 1986)

--------. Man of Destiny (Hong Kong : United Bible Societies, 1983)
Tells the Joseph story (Genesis chapter 37-47:11) in natural language. The only mention of Jesus in the whole story is a single sentence on pg. 1 (in the introduction) that states that Jesus traced his family back to Joseph.

--------. Moses : Father of a New Nation (Hong Kong : United Bible Societies, 1983)
This comic tells part of the story of Moses (Exodus chapter 17:22-Deuteronomy 34:12). Among the omissions from the story are the Az Yashir Moshe (So Sang Moses) song (which was begun in Moses : The Man Who Led His People from Slavery), most of the commandments (only lists the first ten, known as the Ten Commandments) [Exodus 21-23, 25-31), the decree to drive out other peoples (the Canaanite, the Amorite, the Hittite, etc.) [chapter 33], chapter 34 (that begins with the line about "ye shall break down their altars"), the laws of kashrut (Leviticus chapter 11), laws of cleanliness (Leviticus chapters 12-15), laws of sexuality and modesty (Leviticus chapter 18), the law of the tzitzit [prayer shawl] (Numbers chapter 15:37-41), the law of vows (Numbers chapter 30), the law of mezuzah and tefillin [phylacteries] (Deuteronomy chapters 6 & 11) and what is now known as the Hear O Israel prayer (Deuteronomy chapter 16:5-9 & 11:13-21). The only reference to Jesus is an indirect one that refers to "another leader like Moses who would ... establish his kingdom forever."

--------. Moses : The Man Who Led His People from Slavery (Hong Kong : United Bible Socities, 1983).
This comic tells part of the story of Moses (Exodus chapter 1-15:4) using atural language. The only mention of Jesus is a statement in the introduction that says that Moses lived one thousand years before Jesus' birth.

--------. Prophet of Fire (Hong Kong : United Bible Societies, 1987)

--------. The Unending Journey (Hong Kong : United Bible Societies, 1993)
Tells portions of the Abraham story from Genesis (chapter 11-22:19) using natural language. Among sections omitted are the section on circumcision [Gen. 17:10-14, 17:23-27] (the circumcision of Isaac is mentioned but not shown) and the destruction of Sodom and Gemorrah (Gen. 18:16-19:38). This comic discusses the relevance of this story to the story of Christianity on the first and last pages.

Zelenetz, Alan. "Final Rest" Moon Knight (1st series) #38 July 1984 (NY : Marvel).

--------. "Red Sins" Moon Knight (1st series) #37 May 1984 (NY : Marvel).
The supehero Moon Knight returns to Chicago when he learns his father is dying, but only arrives in time for his funeral. Moon Knight explains to his girlfriend how his father (who is a rabbi) had disapproved of his boxing, leading to his leaving home and joining the marines. While in New York, Moon Knight beats up a group of racists who had torched a synagogue. Moon Knight had saved a Jewish man who went into the burning synagogue to try to save a Torah scroll [this scene mirrors one in Supergirl #13}. Later, Moon Knight discovers that his father's body has been removed from his grave.