Simon Zsolt: A várpalotai zsinagóga épületei

The Jews in Várpalota, in the old town of Veszprém county (Hungary) used to live for hundreds of years. Their memories are still visible, although the community perished in the Holocaust. They took significant part in the town’s cultural and economical life, and lived in peace with the non-Jewish population. Their former synagogue is a beautiful, prominent building in our days as well, even though it went through a lot of adversity, and its function has changed decades ago.
The essay gives us much information about the Várpalota Jews and their heritage from the beginning until our days. The main subject is the synagogue, its history, architectural analysis, and comparison with other similar synagogues located in Hungary. Unfortunately the interpretation can not be complete, because the interior of the building is a victim of a series of redevelopment. Nevertheless there are still enough sources in archives and local history books to show us the greatness of this old memorial of Várpalota Jews.


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